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Professional Certified Course in Commercial Photography



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Mikhil Thomas Philip

Mavelikkara, Kerala

I really had a good time. I got good coaching and understanding in photography. It was a very helpful course and indeed an opportunity to meet other photography lovers. Thank you so much.

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Professional Certified Course in Commercial Photography

A Step towards your Dream World of Commercial Photography

A photograph needs to have that essence in it so that it stops the viewers with complete concentration on it. It’s the photographer who applies his entire calibre, working to make it perfect behind the camera. The role of the photographer increases and becomes vital with the understanding of his subject, understanding the latest trends and changes, the requirements of the industry, the scope and developing commercial world. The rapidly growing demand for photographers in the wedding photography, product and commercial photography field has indeed been encouraged the youngsters to enter to this wonderful field. In this e-commerce and commercial world, photography plays an essential role.

A professional photographer must combine the technical skills and emerging needs that arise from the continuous progress of the photography industry. The success in the profession of a product and commercial photographer as well as wedding photographer is some or the other way related to the brand or the company and the tact of completing a project sucessfully. Opportunities goes on from advertising companies, coffee-table books,  catalogues, magazines, ecommerce, portfolios, online and offline market. The photographer needs to work with a team, integrating the work of various other professional individuals in the team namely product designers, stylists, make-up artists, designers, models, clients, assistants and art directors for the creation of excellent work.

What you are going to learn?

The course for Best Commercial Photography is well suited to all those who have real passion to continue their profession in the commercial world with product photography, table-top photography, indoor lighting photography. Students learn and understand the requirements for commercial photography. They understand it as a career and great opportunity and scpe for their future profession, during the course. Candidates from all areas of communication studies, graduates, undergraduates, fine art studies, advertising, styling, fashion designing and technical photography, etc… can pursue this course. Students will be achieving the significant awareness of these powerful platforms of communication as well as advanced technical skills in the formulation of a professional portfolio of projects for individual clients or companies.

Explore your Curriculum

This commercial photography course in Kerala will allow participants to develop the various skills within themselves which are needed to carry out the projects with professionalism. We make sure that the syllabus for this commercial photography course in India makes every student to understand and apply the technical experimentation, cultural content, artistic concept and research for the projects that they need to undergo. This course is designed in such a way that all those aspirant candidates wishing to make a career and acquire a top position in the field of product photography as well as commercial photography.


Introducing to you the art and principle of camera and photography in this very first module of six months certified course in Still Photography. One will get to understand the history of photography and camera as well as the structure and principle of camera. The study on different types of camera, DSLR camera, its working and camera accessories are included in this module.

Classification of cameras on the basis of film size - 35mm compact, 35mm SLR, Digital SLR, 120 film types TLR and SLR, instant (Polaroid) cameras, large format cameras and various digital cameras are made to understand in this session. Construction of digital image sensor, Pixel, Resolution and Sharpness is taught and made to understand in this session. Deep understanding of different DSLR lenses, the structure of lens, types of lenses and their uses are covered in this module. Knowing the types of filters used in photography is one important portion covered here. The understanding of use of these filters such as UV filter, Polarizing filter, ND filter and other special effect filters is carried out in this module.

With the completion of this first module, the students will know the art in photography, the history behind the emergence of photography and camera.


The understanding of photography and DSLR camera from its basic technical settings to its high end usage is the essential part that is being meant in this module of Foundation of Photography. From the introduction to various modes in dslr camera, Priority modes – Aperture priority mode, Shutter Speed priority mode, program mode, Introduction and understanding of manual mode is covered in this session.

The exposure settings, exposure metering, camera metering and focus are few important factors that every photographer needs to understand and practice. These are being part of this module with the brief explanation and understanding on the meaning and definition of Exposure, understanding of aperture and stops in photography, shutter speed and exposure time, F-number and shutter speed relationship. Along with this comes the equivalent exposure settings, use of specific shutter speed depending upon lighting conditions, use of faster and slower shutter speeds and its differences, ISO and noise in photography, exposure triangle and exposure reciprocity etc...  How to focus the image manually and auto, Focus area mode, AF Mode etc...

Understanding of focal length and DOF-Depth of Field, types of depth of field, understanding how to apply depth of field, practical application of DOF, Different factors affecting DOF, Making use of the knowledge of DOF in photography. Getting correct colour balance in a photograph is also an essential term to be considered.

The study of colour theory, colour of light, different Kelvin and its effects, setting white balance in digital camera, different WB, custom white balance, different picture styles, its application, etc… are carried out here. At last but not the least, the term called histogram is also introduced in this session which will enable one to understand the graph counting how many pixels are at each level between black and white.


The module of Visual Literacy deals with the ability to compose the image in most appropriate manner as per the subject in it, the message to be conveyed and the story behind it. Students here cultivate the skill to read each image. Reading the image and conveying the story line and the message only through visual art of creative photographs is the powerful tool that every student will learn and apply here. 

The various angle and shots essential for conceptual and creative photography are made to be understood in this module. Students get to know what are shots and angles in photography, different angles and shots in photography and will be practically applying the various angles for different shots in photography. Along with this they will be going through different rules applied in photography. Some the rules to be mentioned are Rule of Thirds, Rule of Odds, Golden Ratio, and many more for getting well balanced and interesting image composition. 


This fourth module is where one learns to prepare their images for final presentation. The digital image editing is the post processing session of photographs which enable students to work out self on their images before final presentation.

The understanding of retouching of images, the editing and designing of images are carried out here, so as students get hands on practice on the software Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Understanding of different formats and resolutions of photographs like Raw, JPG and Tiff is as important as any other factors in photography. 


The final module is based on commercial photography that covers fashion photography, product photography and wedding photography. The understanding of lighting, types of lighting, natural light source for photography, artificial light sources for photography, hard light Vs Soft light, direction of lighting for different types of photography are carried out in this session.

The understanding of setting up a studio, different studio accessories, lighting gear and studio lighting kits, handling light accessories, different types of diffusers and reflectors, use of modifiers, equipment setups, umbrellas, use of light meter, use of other accessories and soft boxes, importance of light and using right kind of lighting equipments.

Introduction to commercial photography, trends of commercial photography in the industry, the need and necessity in the field of commercial and fashion photography, do's and don’ts in any form of commercial photography, scope as a commercial photographer. Introduction to product and table-top photography, understanding of lighting and concept for various product and table-top products, understanding and experimenting with Jewellery Photography, Product Splash photography, understanding of Pack shot, Working with props, advanced Light Theory, Use of props, backgrounds, surfaces and linens, Understanding light and using them creatively in photography for various products.

Understanding of different trends in wedding photographs and wedding albums, understanding of Indian weddings and traditional customs for better photography views, getting to know more ideas on the angles, lightings, equipments and tricks to be applied in photography at marriages, engagements, receptions and wedding related rituals.


  • Preparation of portfolio
  • Digital Post Processing
  • Review of Portfolio


Course Starts from : 9th January 2017

Admission: Admission Open | First come first serve basis | Seats limited to 12 Seats only 

Duration : 6 Months | 9th January 2017 to 30th June 2017


Registration Fees : Rs.5,500 + 15% service tax = Rs.6325/-

Course Fees : Rs.70000/- + 15% service tax = 80,500/- 

Tax of total course fees need to be paid additional, as applicable.

Easy Pay :

  • Registration Fees     :   (At the time of admission)             Rs.5,500 + 15% service tax = Rs.6325/- 
  • 1st Semester Fees   :   (Before 6th January 2017)            Rs.35,000 + 15% service tax = Rs.40250/-
  • 2nd Semester Fees  :   (Before 7th April 2017)                   Rs.35,000  + 15% service tax = Rs.40250/-
  • Caution Deposit         :    (To be paid with 1st Semester fees) Rs.5000/-

Residential Fees: Rs.5000/-  (per month including food and accommodation)

Global Affiliations

Canon Authorized Training Centre

National Education And Research Foundation


  • Minimum 10th pass from any state or central Board


Apply for Course - Online : Click here

Apply for Course - Offline  : Click here



Camera is not important the person who works behind the camera is important. But you must buy a DSLR Camera. We suggest some camera and lenses for your purchases. Those who have the Laptop you must bring to the campus.

  • Fashion/ Wedding Photography = A DSLR + Zoom Lens + Wide Angle + Prime Lens



This program is designed for students seeking an artistic career in photography. It’s also well-suited to professionals of all levels in the photography, creative, design, business aspects of the industry seeking to enhance, broaden, and strengthen an existing skill-set, particularly in the areas of concept and story development as it relates to character photography.

Possible Careers

  • Wedding Photographer
  • Function Photographer
  • Product Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Album Designer
  • Photo Editor


As per ones requirement and eager to learn photography in short span; we organize customised courses such as Basic Photography course, Portrait Lighting Course, Adobe Lightroom, Album Designing Course, DSLR Videography Course, Video Editing Course.

Real People Real Stories.

Students of every interest have experienced their First Year of Studies in a way that has set the course for their future.

Meet some of them here.








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