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Ashish Jain

Udaipur, Rajasthan

From the first day I came here, I am learning photography’s various aspects. I had learnt here so many things about camera and about how to capture the photos. I lived here with all my friends, facu

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View the world through a viewfinder; capture the best in the sensor. The Professional Diploma in Art of Photography PDP at Creative Hut will learn to make compelling pictures and get a strong visual aesthetic.

At the Creative hut Institute, art of photography are equipped with the aesthetic, ethical, creative, technical, and conceptual skills necessary for the nature of the arts and their relevance to daily life. Students are prepared academically and ethically to become leaders who as photographer understand the complex world. Lectures, readings, interviews, art films and other operations will provide student with opportunities to apply and synthesize course material. Through project assignments and research, you will obtain the communication skills necessary to fit with customer’s necessities, develop an understanding of marketing their commercial enterprise utilizing their unique photographic abilities.

What you are going to learn?

An intro to photography fundamentals, Basic principles, understanding of lighting and specialization of art of photography will be taught with an emphasis on perceptual, technical and artistic skills.

The Professional Diploma in photography program focuses on the conceptual, handy and aesthetic roles of different streams of photography. Creative classes will explore and express your creativity to make the career possibilities. PDAP Program will be giving equal weightage to theory and practical assignments which will be emphasized through Interviews, article, fieldworks, and coffee table books.

Semester One | 18 Credit weeks


The understanding of history of camera, structure of camera and lens, camera settings and to work on a DSLR camera

Credit : 7 weeks | 158 hours | 7 Points

Fundamental of Photography is the introductory session of the course. Students are first introduced with both camera and photography.  In this session of history of photography students are made to know more about the evolution of camera from early stage to the present. The structure of dslr camera is a major part of this indroductory session. Along with this the study on the structure of lens is also carried out here. Different types of lenses available in the market for the DSLR cameras are introduced here with deep study on its structure, use and preferances. Difference in DSLR camera and the most prominent dslr cameras in the industry are made to know about it in this very early session of the course. Students are first introduced with both camera and photography.  In fundamental photographic techniques are presented to familiarize the students with digital SLR cameras and their performance. The class introduces pupils to the fundamentals of digital capture and the basic aspects of digital imaging exposure and management. Appropriate submission standards and presentation are emphasized. An accent on the photographer as technicality is explored through various assignments throughout this course. Students start to learn and manage the photography field as a professionals in photography.


Applying the process of retouching, editing and designing the images

Credit : 4 weeks | 90 hours | 4 Points

Photographs need to be presented well so that it conveys the exact true message that the photographer wanted to inform the viewers through it. Digital image editing is a session where students go through the editing software Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Each class session has incorporated with different modes of learning and practicing the techniques of software tools and reflecting it upon the best results. These factors in addition to another curriculum topics and features of camera, students get ready with the final stage of presenting their images. Students discuss and edit their work, interpret the images of the present and past and produce images that effectively communicate the message.


Developing the skill of observation, imagination and readin

Credit : 4 weeks | 90 hours | 4 Points

Visual literacy is the study of combining the ability of interpretation and creating meaningful information presented in the form of an image. Visual literacy guide students in understanding of the art in photography in terms of both observation and creation. Students write creative story through images from the point of view of someone in a photograph. The complete study in this session is a visual learning experience that builds visual literacy skills in each student. Photography in itself is an art form that includes various rules and designing principles. This part of the course enhances student’s ability to frame as per the relative objects, concept and designing elements in bringing out the real art in the images.

104 Wildlife and Nature Photography

Get to know the beauty in nature; wild creatures and capture it more efficiently.. 

Credit : 3 weeks | 68 hours | 3 Points

This is a session wherein one specializes in their most interested category of photography by selecting any one of the electives that are closely related to nature. Unlike any other genre of photography, Wildlife can be mainly challenging. By starting out practicing from the campus area to the world outside the rooms at premises, students here at topmost photography college Kerala get the best chance to influence your environment, and the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice.

  • Elective 1 : Wildlife Photography
  • Elective 2 : Macro Photography
  • Elective 3 : Travel Photography

Semester Two | 18 Credit weeks


Deep Understanding on Lighting and lighting techniques with studio equipments

Credit : 4 weeks | 90 hours | 4 Points

A study of the characteristics and qualities of photographic light, both natural and artificial, and how they can be manipulated and controlled to communicate an artistic vision. This course is designed to develop understanding and control of lighting and the practical application of various qualities of light in any environment. The emphasis of this course is location lighting. Situations are studied to understand limitations, advantages, and disadvantages of various lighting environments and methods. Regular photography assignments will be given.


Entering into the glamour industry with wedding, fashion and function photography.

Credit : 4 weeks | 90 hours | 4 Points

This session enables the student to analyse and utilize all their skills and knowledge they gained through the entire course in making this final portfolio. Students will be guided with understanding on best fashion photography, wedding photography and innovation event photography. As per the selection of electives, each student must select any one of the electives listed for each subject. Working on this selected elective, they must submit the portfolio on this. The selection of electives for this session will be for the final portfolio. The final portfolio need to be submitted both in digital as well as printed format. Students can however take the guidance of the respective faculties for their selection of electives.

  • Elective 1 : Fashion Photography
  • Elective 2 : Wedding Photography
  • Elective 3 : Function Photography


Understanding and utilizing the techniques and skills for commercial photography

Credit : 3 weeks | 68 hours | 3 Points

Photography is a vast field and has a wide range of scope in the professional industry. Taking this into consideration, students are engaged with their portion of interest. The top advertising Photography companies require the professional and skilled photographers efficient in taking technically perfect photographs with creativity for various brands. Students here prepare the portfolio as per the branding of the product and a concept of advertising it through these stills. Among the specializations in commercial photography, students select anyone as their specialization part from elective list below and take it as their task for commercial photography.

  • Elective 1 : Product Photography
  • Elective 2 : Advertising Photography
  • Elective 3 : Food Photography

108 Photo Journalism

Time to get well narrative and objective through images.

Credit : 3 weeks | 68 hours | 3 Points

This session is designed to teach you the fundamentals of interior and architecture photography, photojournalism and documentary photography. You will flex into a “reporter with a camera” that means your images will be a vital part for telling stories. You start thinking fast on your feet, pre visualize, and will be able to quickly capture influential moments. This session teaches the techniques and applications of the Zone System as a valid and practical method of mastering black and white photography useful for documentary photography, photojournalism and architecture photography.

  • Elective 1: Documentary Photography
  • Elective 2: Forensic Photography
  • Elective 3: Photo Journalism


Experimentation & Exploration

Among all the specialization, students pick their specialization and take it as their last task. As well as the final project made by them must be postulate in a printed format to the institute as a position of final portfolios. The final portfolio will be analyzed by the panel of examiners / juries, according to which the acknowledgments will be released to the scholars.


In an election, the scholars must be postulated to exercise on any two of the specializations on below elective list, based along the field  within a collapsed time frame and submit on the form on specified in each appointment. Faculty is available at the Academy during working hours, to provide feedback, still as the participant is acting on any appointment to solve any questions through the form. Also, feedback is given on assignments at scheduled formal critique sessions, individually or as a group and simultaneously graded.


Course Starts from : 2nd August 2017

Admission: Started  |  First come first serve basis | Seats limited to 24 Seats only

Duration : 1 year | 2nd August 2017 to 30th May 2018


Registration Fees : Rs.5,500 + 15% service tax = Rs.6325/- 

Course Fees : Rs.2,00,000/- + 15% service tax = 2,30,000/-  

Tax of total course fees need to be paid additional, as applicable.

Easy Pay :

  • At the time of Admission (Last date 15July 2017): Rs.5,500 + 15% service tax = Rs.6325/-
  • 1st Semester Payment (Last date 15 July 2017)Rs.1,00,000 + 15% service tax = Rs.1,15,000/-
  • 2nd semester Payment (Last date 5 December 2017)Rs.1,00,000 + 15% service tax = Rs.1,15,000/-


  • Caution Deposit (Last date 2nd Aug 2017): Rs.5000/-
  • Uniform and other Fees (Last date 2nd Aug 2017): Rs.5000/-
  • Travel Expenses (Last date 20 Aug 2017): Rs. 30,000/- (Wildlife and Photojournalism specialization Tours in India)

The Trust National Education And Research Foundation holds the right to provide food and accommodation to all the Creative Hut PDAP - 2017 batch students in the INSTITUTE CAMPUS only, without charging any cost. Candidates and their respected Parents are hereby informed that the food and accommodation for the admitted students to one year PDAP 2017 batch will be completely FREE in the institute during their course of study. 

Global Affiliations

Canon Authorized Training Centre

National Education And Research Foundation


  • Minimum 12th pass from any state or central Board


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Camera is not important the person who works behind the camera is important. But you must buy a DSLR Camera. We suggest some camera and lenses for your purchases. Those who have the Laptop you must bring to the campus.

  • Macro Photography = A DSLR + Macro Lens / Extension Tube
  • Landscape / Architecture / Interior Photography = A DSLR + Zoom Lens + Wide Angle / Fish Eye Lens.
  • Fashion/ Wedding Photography = A DSLR + Zoom Lens + Wide Angle / Fish Eye Lens.
  • Street / Documentary/ Portrait Photography = A DSLR + Zoom Lens + Prime Lens.
  • Wildlife Photography = A DSLR + Zoom Lens + Tele Lenses + Tele Convertor



This program is designed for students seeking an artistic career in photography. It’s also well-suited to professionals of all levels in the photography, creative, design, business aspects of the industry seeking to enhance, broaden, and strengthen an existing skill-set, particularly in the areas of concept and story development as it relates to character photography.

Possible Careers

  • Documentary Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Function Photographer
  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Forensic Photographer
  • Fine art Photographer
  • Product Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Macro Photographer
  • Food Photographer
  • Album Designer
  • Photo Journalist
  • Photo Editor


As per ones requirement and eager to learn photography in short span; we organize customised courses such as Basic Photography course, Portrait Lighting Course, Adobe Lightroom, Album Designing Course, DSLR Videography Course, Video Editing Course.

Real People Real Stories.

Students of every interest have experienced their First Year of Studies in a way that has set the course for their future.

Meet some of them here.








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