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Photography College in India

Creative Hut Gurukul

Creative Hut is a residential photography school in the lap of Nature. It is located in God’s own country, Kerala. Institute was established in December 2007. Significantly, Creative Hut is known to be India’s First Photography Gurukul.

The best part is the unique education pattern followed here. Indeed, the aim is to provide always the best photography knowledge. Especially, in traditional gurukul way to learn photography with modern techniques.

Our students and alumni specialized in professional photography courses experience here their best days. They call it their second home. As a matter of fact, they mention it as the best photography college in 2020.

Furthermore, the institute holds the credits of various recognition. At present, institute has won 37+ awards for being one of the top photography colleges in India.


Make Your All Time Passion to Your Profession
  • Photojournalism Course

    Convey reality with true storytelling images. Furthermore, this Photojournalism course helps you to play dual responsibility as a photographer and journalist.

    Travel Photography Course

    Know the world and nature better by travel photography course. Master the DSLR camera, composition, framing and retouching

  • Fashion Photography Course

    Lock the expressions and treasure the memories from our Fashion Photography Course. Learn different poses, photography lighting setups, and techniques.

    Wildlife Photography Course

    Get closer, clearer & capture the world of the wild. Experience the national & international photo tours equally important in wildlife photography course.

  • Professional Diploma in Art of Photography

    The right choice to build your future career in Photography. One year exclusive professional photography course with many specializations.

    Product Photography Course

    Learn with hands-on practices in indoor & outdoor lighting to capture amazing product & food images from product photography course


Live your dreams beyond the Class Walls. Learn from the best photography college in India. As a result, you achieve an inspiring environment. In fact, it encourages you to discover better ideas. And moreover, enhance your skills within.

theory icon theory icon h

Understanding the subject is more important. After all, knowledge is essential. Hence here your classroom is a place where you grow. Indeed it's the space where you creatively think.

practical icon practical icon h

The practice is an important term in professional photography courses in 2020. One enjoys the photo shooting experiences. Of course, not only indoor but also outdoor lighting.

tour icon tour icon h

Photo walks, photo trips, field visits, and study tours are carried out. Henceforth, to best photography national and international locations. As a result, it makes the course even more practical and professional.

exhibition icon exhibition icon h

Students’ works are promoted through exhibitions. Although, those are never the final conclusion. Instead, it is the continuity in their work. And moreover, a journey to experiment further new things.

Inspiration to develop the skills and win the race. Grow through photography gurukul approach in all its true aspects. Engaged with creative photography classes, art, communication, and personality development.

communication icon communication icon h

Understanding and practicing communication skills. For instance, writing, speaking, reading & understanding the language of communication. Together with practical field visits & projects.

artcraft icon artcraft icon h

Light & camera is the light and life of the photography course. In addition, we have art and craft forms like drawing & painting encouraged here. Hence, growing an atmosphere of creativity.

portfolio icon portfolio icon h

Our Photography Courses results in a professional outcome. It is always coupled with sincere hard work and efforts. Of course, it helps in the making of unique and innovative portfolios.

internship icon internship icon h

Career Guidance is the support to initiate our photography Students and Alumni. As a result, they work and perform in the industry. And eventually excel in this competitive world.

Eco-friendly campus for creative minds At one place Creative Hut Gurukul. Hence, it is a place where students come from different places. They have similar interests and passions. Ultimately, they unite, learn, explore, share, celebrate, dwell and work together.

gurukulam icon gurukulam icon h

The traditional way of learning with modern technology. Specifically where the students and their Gurus stay, learn and explore together in the same campus of photography gurukul.

yoga icon yoga icon h

Perfection in the work. The secret of a healthy life. Usually, both rely on a healthy body and a fresh mind. Definitely, you achieve this here with regular exercise and yoga sessions.

sport icon sport icon h

The team spirit, & leadership quality are enhanced with sports here. Indeed it is where sportsmanship is seen with an inbuilt talent for sports and games. Hence, one enjoys both indoor & outdoor games.

celebration icon celebration icon h

A Place to live your dreams. As well as a space to celebrate it with various festivals, events, and activities. As a result, uniting all the students together from different states and cultures.

Get inspiration for your photography passion & professional career. We work together for the best results. Especially our students, alumni, faculties, administrative & advisory council. Above all, they make Creative hut as a family forever.

alumni icon alumni icon h

When our students succeed, eventually we succeed. Our students come first. They are our strong pillars and strength. Indeed it is a great feeling for all of us when they visit the institute each time.

faculty icon faculty icon h

Our experienced & efficient panel of faculties are always available for students support. Therefore, residential photography school helps in bringing the best results of each student.

guest faculty icon guest faculty icon h

Class sessions are carried out by faculties specialized in various genres of photography and videography. Surely, they achieve the practical knowledge with the latest trend in the professional field.

advisory board icon advisory board icon h

Our advisory board & the trust board provides necessary guidance from time to time. In addition, they help in course designing and the institute administration. So as to build up the best campus facilities and infrastructure.


govind raj

Govind Raj Photographer Ernakulam, Kerala

“Build up your dream for professional photography in this institute. This is the best institute I have ever known. And the Gurukulam way of learning is the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

ashik george bestin

Ashik George Bastin Official Photographer Kerala Blasters Football Club

“Creative Hut has helped me to grow & reach where I am right now. It’s an honor to Study under such great personalities. Thank you for the opportunity.”

vijay raj mg

Vijay Raj MG Photographer Bangalore, Karnataka

“Institute is blessed with fantastic environment. All Photo Mentors are extremely helpful for all our needs.Highly recommended institute for the best Photography knowledge”.


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  • Wildlife Photography Tours
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  • Benefits of Campus Life in Photography College
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    Campus life is where you as a student learn, develop and explore in a good college atmosphere. A college may have variable courses of different streams and students of different departments. But a Photography College life is different and special from that. It is a college with students and faculties of similar interests and likeness. Hence, each moment of college life becomes one of the benefits of campus life. Campus Life The special fact is that a photography college campus has students from different places speaking different languages and of different cultures. But, what makes them uni...
  • Importance of Photography Theory
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    To begin with, let us recall how many times we had the thinking that  Why we need Photography Theory? Firstly, the technical tools of the camera are not the most important thing to become a photographer. In fact, it’s the least important. Originality and aesthetic sense are important factors in photography. Importance of Photography Theory in Education In the Photography field, we usually refer people into two categories, namely ” Amateur and Professional”. What do you really mean by this? The most accepted definition of a “Professional” is a person who makes m...
  • Importance of Practical in Photography Classes
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    Learning Photography and practicing it, help us to develop an artistic mind to frame and compose our subjects. Composition and framing has a great importance in making the photograph a story-telling image. But, while we are making the efforts to achieve this and get more deep into our passion, we always have a confused mind. Which is more important Photography Practical or Theory ? To begin with Photography classes and its importance, let’s talk about a general example. If you search in Google, ‘How to Make dosha?’ or ‘What is the recipe of dosha?’, you will ge...
  • College Celebration at Photography College
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    We at Creative Hut enjoy the most cheerful and memorable days during our college celebration at Photography College. The celebrations here are a symbol of happiness and togetherness. Around the year, our students, faculties, and management actively participate in these college celebrations. Indeed, students often have one or the other celebrations here, once in a month. Above all, the parents of the students also join us for these celebrations conducted at our photography college Creative hut. Surely, by now you would like to know what are the Creative Hut college celebrations? When and how...
  • Onam Celebration,The festival of Happiness
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    Onam celebration is a wonderful and notable day at Creative Hut every year. It is the biggest festival in the state of Kerala. Indeed, it is one of the grand celebrations for every creative hut batch student too. The festival of Onam falls during August or September every year. Interestingly August is the starting month of our one-year Professional photography course too. Hence, the celebration of Onam is the first festival for every new batch here. Onam Celebration 2020 In 2020, Onam is from 30th August to 2nd September. The students registered for the next 2020-2021 batch are getting the ...








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