Levitation Photography

Make some impossible matters to possible in a photography. Some times photographer also needs an editing knowledge, and levitation photography is the best example for that. Levitation is simply cheating physics through the photography. For a proper levitation photography our subject selection and background selection are very important. We can use this trick in Fashion Photography, Product Photography, Food Photography, etc.

In levitation photography more than camera knowledge, editing knowledge is very important. Because levitation photography is totally based on editing the picture.

Here are 10 amazing shots.

Picture credits: Basil, Kerala.
top_Levitation_photography_photomentor_Anshulsani (1)
Picture credits: Anshul Sani, Shimla.
Picture credits: Bharathi, Tamilnadu.
Picture credits: Chaitra S, Karnataka.
Picture credits: GeeVarghese, Kerala.
Picture credits: Vishnu V, Kerala.
Picture credits: GeeVarghese, Kerala.
Picture credits: Bhanu Prakash, Andrapradesh
Picture credits: Ebin PJ, Kerala.
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-Article by Bharathi S Murugan

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