5 Tips for utilizing TRIPOD

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Tips for utilizing Tripod – Tripod Settings

Tripod is a very essential component in photography. If we are using slow shutter speed to capture motion blur or plenty of light at night. At that time, the tripod settings are essential for preventing camera shake.

Tripods are very easy to use and some of the tips keep in mind while using tripods are mentioned below

  • Weigh Tripod down

Hang a rucksack or camera bag on the center column to weigh the tripod down. And make the tripod more stable.

  • Keep it low

Where conceivable, have the tripod stretched out as meager as could be allowed. As the lower it is the sturdier it will be. Put it on a divider or raise it up on something before you raise the leg stature.

  • Make the Tripod straight

Always use a spirit level to check the horizontal level of the tripod. Furthermore, check whether the bubble is in the middle portion. If the tripod doesn’t have one, you can buy this as an extra accessory.

  • Always choose a remote place for Shooting

Even though the camera is secured on a tripod, you can still get a blurred image. Just by touching your camera, in order to avoid this try to use a self-timer or shutter release to keep things really static.

  • Clean the Tripod

If you use the legs in seawater or any other place. Then, make sure you rinse it with fresh water to avoid rusting. You have to take the legs apart to clean it if any sand has got into them.

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