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Who doesn’t have a talent for attracting colors? If you don’t think you have a good sense of color, let me test you! Try to avert your gaze away from the impending color reflection photographic series

Unveiling Artistry: The Power of Black and White Photography Unlocking a Unique Point of View

My artistic path has been a testimonial to the unrivaled beauty that my eyes sense. Nothing compares to the way I see the world from my childhood to the present. This singular remark has been a compelling force in my life.

focus stacking drop house abiraj tamilnadu creativehut

Focus Stacking: Drop house

Photography Speaks Louder Than Words as an Expression Medium

Photography becomes my speech in a world where no one and nothing shares my viewpoint. My preferred means of capturing the essence of what surrounds me is through the lens, primarily black and white film. This is a purposeful choice; it gives the method a solid character, allowing the image to speak without the distraction of colors.

Distracting Distractions: The Monochrome Effect

There are no colors in black and white photography to confuse or distort the image. The lack of colors removes any hurdles that colors may have posed to the photograph’s intended message. The world’s bright palette frequently conflicts with the precision of my eyesight. In its simplicity, black and white provides a haven for my artistic creativity to flourish.

champagne glass cheers abiraj tamilnadu creativehut

Champagne Glass: Cheers

The Struggle is Shared: Artists Navigating the Difficulty

As an artist with a camera, I am not alone in my quest to portray a distinct vision. Dissatisfaction with the difficulty of sharing artistic viewpoints is a universal sensation. Every artist throughout history has faced the problem of expressing their unique vision into a language that the rest of the world can understand.

The Camera’s Function: A Help, Not a hindrance

I don’t regard the camera as an attempt to manipulate what I see; rather, I see it as a tool that helps me unveil the secrets my eyes catch. The world itself appears to be resisting the revelation of these secret realities. Despite my best efforts, every attempt to impart the deep truths taken by my camera is met with resistance.

wheat glass it is frequently painful to travel shortest distance between two cities abiraj tamilnadu creativehut

Wheat Glass: It is frequently painful to travel the shortest
distance between two sites.

Beyond the Lens: The Dangers of Creative Expression

The universe conspires against me when the camera loses focus due to the brilliance of the light or the transient nature of a great scene. It conspires to keep the secrets hidden within its folds, making it difficult for both the camera and me to retain focus. In theory, one may rely exclusively on one’s hands and mind for artistic undertakings, but even then, the hands can falter, proving untrustworthy.

The Battle for the Mind’s Canvas: Vision vs. Execution

My mind has a clear picture of what I want to say, but my hands, despite being directed by intellect, frequently fall short. My lack of talent and discipline creates a barrier in converting my passionate concepts into tangible artistic achievements.

goblet and champagne glass-vs-glass in a battle for taste abiraj tamilnadu creativehut

Goblet & Champagne: Glass vs glass in a battle for taste

The “Aberration” Chapter: A Look at Refraction Photography

Among the difficulties is the chapter named “Aberration,” which depicts the beauty of refraction photography. This technique illustrates the artist’s perseverance in capturing fleeting moments.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Abiraj M, Tamil Nadu  Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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