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    The milestone and foundation of Creative Hut Institute of Photography is the moral values, sincere hard work, dedication and commitment to bring together the aspirants and build up their career in Photography. The founder of the institute Abin Alex believes that its beyond a job. In fact, mentoring or teaching is a great as well as wonderful responsibility.

    At the same time, it is the opportunity that helps to shape the upcoming generation and lead the photography aspirants towards their professional life. Here we follow unique way of teaching that enables students to lead a valued life filled with dedication, commitment and pleasant presence of mind.

    Eco-friendly Environment
    Organic Farming & Mini Forest

    Learning and working in an environment that is close to nature and provides freshness to mind and soul is one such important factor that improves one's performance. Creative Hut Gurukul located amidst nature provides an eco-friendly campus for creative minds with lush greenery all around, a river flowing on one side, small hillocks on another side, tiny creatures, flora and fauna. This ultimately reduces the stress, and frustrations of the students living here.

    Cross Culture Communication
    Languages & Celebrations

    Communication is an essential part in both personal and professional life. One can not survive alone and excel in their lives without proper communication. Living together in a Gurukul allows each candidate to interact and communicate with each other. Candidates from different states, different cultures and languages here allow cross culture communication.

    Self Management Skills
    Yoga, Exercise & Sports

    A healthy mind and body can lead one to have best results in all the work they do. Since ancient days, our ancestors used to practice yoga and meditation in India. It is a proven remedy that brings a balance between body, soul and mind.

    Learning Methodology
    The Gurukul way of learning

    If a student fails in academic studies, it's not because he or she is not brilliant. But, it's because he or she has not been taught the way things can be understood. Creative Hut Gurukul follows a concept of a unique learning system. The idea of imparting education in a learning environment for the sustainability of each student's future, has been the root cause for implementing the unique learning system.

    Traditional Ideology
    Critical thinking & Indigenous knowledge

    Creative Hut Gurukul’s program is a platform providing the way of living where each candidate is allowed to grow in the space and time building up one's indigenous knowledge as the traditional Andamanese ethnic group of people called “Ongees” had.

    Skill Development Program
    Visual Media for Better Career

    Our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi launched the Skill India Mission in 2015, with a vision to bring up India with skilled individuals and making them independent and self confident to achieve a better life and career. Inspired by this, the Creative Hut Gurukul project aims to provide a platform for skill development programs in visual media. Particularly, there are mainly 2 reasons to choose the visual media based programs.



    To lead a Gurukul way of learning providing Creative spaces for Creative minds to express & explore their creativity.

    A platform in providing best education for all the aspirants who wish to excel in this field of Photography industry & Cinematography & craft their dream come true.



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    Kerala Government Technical Education approved photography courses in Kerala provided by Creative Hut Institute of Photo­graphy is the best photography college in India. Creative Hut is the first photography college in Kerala that offers KGTE (Kerala Government Technical Examination) in photography. Creative Hut offers residential Course in Photography and Cinematography course. We have students from all over India and especially in Kerala. Including from the places like  Alappuzha,  Ernakulam,  Idukki,  Kannur,  Kasaragod,  Kollam,  Kottayam,  Kozhikode,  Malappuram,  Palakkad,  Pathanamthitta,  Thiruvananthapuram,   Thrissur,  Wayanad. Department of Technical Education presented Government of Kerala for consideration of vacancies under Government of Kerala recruited via Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC) or any other agency.


    NSQF is an integrated national education and competency-based framework that enables persons to achieve desired levels of competence. National Skill Qualification framework requires a skilled person who has both theoretical and practical skills and is efficient enough to perform routine and non-routine jobs. You need to have multi-tasks skills!. Creative Hut has students from all over India including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Assam, Gujarat, Goa  and Chhattisgarh. Creative Hut is the first institute in India offering residential photography and cinematography courses. Creative Hut Institute of Photogra­phy offers under the Media and Entertain­ment Skill Council (MESC), which offers NSQF level certification by National Skill Development Corp­oration (NSDC).


    Creative Hut Institute of Photography offers professional diploma courses in art of photography, which can be specialise in wildlife photography, fashion photography, product photography, food photography, travel photography, photojournalism etc. PDAP is a professional diploma in art of photography, for which the certificate is provided by the college and is not affiliated to a university or any state or national board. We've been offering PDAP courses since 2007, and our students come from all over India. We have students from across India including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkatta, Lucknow, Visakhapatnam, Agar, Kanpur, Bhopal. Creative Hut is one of the leading photography schools in India.

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