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Adjunctives of Life by Mandabi Maitra


‘Adjunctive’ refers to the term of adding non-essential supplement to a key-element or main component. The very essence of ‘Foto-Grapho’ is to enhance the beauty of the main subject by the addition of different props, using variety of light settings and finally nurturing the inner-nuances of the subject through softwares. In this book, all the chapters contain adjunctive elements without which those photographs would not have attained the multitudes of aesthetics.

If one adds ‘life’ to adjunctive and then, ponder over the chores of the life itself- the picture of little things slowly evolving as quintessential to our diurnal living will emerge. All those minute aspects that otherwise could be discarded but make our daily living so alluring to us and to others have formed the superstructure of the imagerial ideas behind this book. I wish my readers to take on this journey of supplements of life and light.

Mandabi Maitra, Kolkata, West Bengal

The moving images and ‘The Moving Images’ are separated by the finest  of margins and it is this finesse that distinguishes the illustrious photographers  from the rest. I am Mandabi Maitra and am often punctuated with the question  “Why Photography” by both strangers and acquaintances alike.

I  perceive photographs as an echo of gory & glory and memory & misery- all in  equal proportions. People’s countenance and mien of landscapes fascinate  me to a mountainous extent. The reminiscence of ancient architecture also  arouses my intrigue. However, my complete engrossment lies within the periphery of fauna  aka wildlife.

I love to record the diurnal struggles  and triumphs of wildlife conservationists and wish to encapsulate the role of  tribes and aboriginals in raising and nurturing environmental concern and  awareness within my images.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Mandabi Maitra, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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