I understand abstract art as an attempt to feed the imagination with a world built through art, and only through art, can we realize our perfection.

Abstract photography is a wonderful method to express your creative vision, to see things you’ve never seen before, and to make the invisible visible. One of the delights of photography is discovering the wonder and beauty in everything and sharing it with others. A method of expressing ideas and emotions
with photographed image elements without the intention of creating a traditional or realistic image.

globe portion in black background

Unreal: Energy and motion made visible


Shade: The lightness or darkness

The brain alters colour perception in such a way that colour balance seems neutral. Someone who has a special appreciation for the beauty of art or nature is known as an aesthete. I see the most brilliant, vivid array of colours in my mind’s eye.


Psychedelic: Swiriling abstract pattern

two persons standing middle of the road

Zoom Burst : When in doubt, zoom out

The colours also have textures and emotions. Places a high value on the visual world for the sake of it, and a person who applies this way of thinking to life beyond the realm of art. The main characteristic of the type of art we see is that it is pleasing to the senses.

Hue: Shade of a color

Chromatism: Live green think pink

Artists may use it to turn their images into abstract pieces of art. They contended that art from this period was more concerned with being beautiful than with having a deeper meaning—”art” for the sake of art.”

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