Affection by Raja Sekhar Paladugu


Vinod is a boy who never leaves his hometown and comes to another city for
a job. He is staying in a hostel near his office. They meet Vineeth in his hostel
and become good friends. One day Vineet asks Vinod that you are talking
to family more and do you like your family that much? Then no one likes Vinod’s
family, bro, I have a small family, I have an older sister, father, mother,
grandfather, and grandmother. My father was a small trader. Anyway, our
childhood days were great. When I was a child, my grandfather would wait
for me when I returned home from school. Together they water the plants
in our backyard. In the evening, my elder sister used to come from school
and we would play next to the selayer in front of our house and my grandmother
would give us snacks while going home. They eat snacks and watch
TV for a while. Those who come to my father at night and pray together after
having dinner are the ones who are very happy every day. He says that he
misses all the trees, birds and river in our backyard very much. Then Vineet
after hearing what you said I want to see your family and your village and
asks if you will take me. He says that he will take you to our village festival.


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