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Agni by Harshith T Kori


“Agni,” my photographic book, explores with the symbolic relationship between fire and goods, food  and fashion photography. In visual image, I employ fire’s strong and passionate essence visually to inspire desire and intensity. The book goes at the cultural dimensions of clothing and actions, with a focus on female fashion photography. Through this investigation, I hope to show the varied ways fire looks in several photographic styles.

My photographic book’s name, “Agni,” is drawn from the Latin word meaning fire. This book examines the relationship between fire, a symbol of intensity and passion, and numerous facets of product, cuisine, and fashion photography. In the context of female fashion photography, the term “agni” also refers to cultural perceptions of how people behave and look.

The idea of fire may be seen from several angles in the world of fashion photography. The choice of attire, positions, and styling may all be seen as a reflection of fire’s invite and dynamic character. In fashion photography, the use of intense colour, striking patterns, and heated subjects may arouse feelings of desire and fitness.

It may be presented in food photography by presenting meals that have been cooked over fire, including grilled or cooked food. The beauty and attractiveness of fit creations may be improved by the warm and brilliant colours of fire, which give the pictures an air of interest and fascination.The idea of this term may be represented in product photography by utilising marked lighting methods that give rise to a feeling of level and intensity. The photographer can draw attention to and cause great desire or excitement for the object by purposefully focusing particular features of it.

Fashion photography is greatly affected by culture and individual values, impressively in terms of clothes and behaviour . In certain cultures, female fashion photography places an intense focus on moderation and avoiding sexual attraction. Photographers may communicate social and cultural standards while capturing the heart of the term “agni” through careful arrangement, style, and emotion.      

In my photography book, “Agni,” I study the connection between fire and the photography of food, fashion, and products. I want to generate passion, intensity, and attraction in the visual representation of these issues by using the metaphorical force of fire. Additionally, I examine how other countries interpret and apply “agni” into female fashion photography as I dive into the cultural characteristics of attire and manner. I hope that my investigation will help readers grasp the varied ways that fire is shown and expressed in different types of photography.








In my commercial photography portfolio “Agni,” I examine the idea of fire across media, capturing its vitality in a variety of forms. Each photograph depicts the dynamic interplay between fire and its people, inspiring intensity and resonance. This collection goes beyond the obvious, linking science and art while also embracing culture, fashion, and tradition. “Agni” respects the concept of fire by sparking passion and connection inside each frame.

I’m now on an adventure to find out the significant meaning of fire across multiple media in the pages of “Agni,” my portfolio book dedicated to the field of commercial photography. This collection has been a visual search for ways to capture the energy, intensity, and transforming force associated with fire and transfer it into fascinating visuals, from goods and dining to fashion.

My goal has been trying to communicate the lively relationship between the brilliant essence of fire and the objects it touches throughout this artistic journey. I want to generate passion, thrills, and resonance through visual storytelling with the literal power of fire.

Each shot here has been carefully constructed to represent not just the subjects physical characteristics, but also the emotional and symbolic value they possess. ”Agni” in this portfolio goes beyond the surface to explore the many levels that fire signifies. It signifies intensity, originality, and the spark that sparks invention. I’ve tried to bridge the academic and the practical by paying close attention to composition, lighting, and narrative.

In researching culture and fashion, I discovered how the word “agni” has diverse meanings in different countries. This chapter brought out the union of tradition and style, illustrating an array of cultural ideas that influence our understanding of fashion photography.

It is my desire that this collection not only honours the art of commercial photography, but also promotes a greater understanding of the dynamic power that underpins the images—the fire that burns within each frame, kindling emotion, inspiration, and connection


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