Architectural photography is a sub-discipline of photography in which the major focus is on obtaining photos of buildings and other architectural structures that are both aesthetically beautiful and accurate depictions of their subjects. Architectural photographers are typically trained in the use of specialised techniques and cameras to create such pictures.

Miracle : The miracle of an artist’s chisel
The Stone’s Secrets : Only an artist can give life to a stone

The first permanent photograph, Nicéphore Niépce’s Vista from the Window at Le Gras, was also the first architectural photograph because it depicted a view of structures. Early photographer William Henry Fox Talbot, for example, took images of architecture, including one of a Latticed window in Lacock Abbey in 1835.

Beauty of buildings : The beauty of the building is in its color
From one perspective : Anything balanced will look good and beautiful

Architectural structures, particularly buildings, have been highly valued photographic subjects throughout the history of photography, reflecting society’s admiration for architecture and its cultural significance. By the 1860s, architectural photography had established itself as a viable visual medium

Story of Windo and Door : Every door and window has a story to tell
Windows into the future : Looking out the windows might sometimes provide insight into our future.

Architectural photography evolved over time in the same way as building designs changed and morphed with conventional forms.

The light streaming in the window : When the sun shines through the windows, the interior of the house takes on a new splendour.
The surface of the window : The window is a surface of fiction

Architectural photography got more creative in the early to mid-twentieth century as photographers experimented with new techniques such as using diagonal lines and dramatic shadows in their compositions.

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