Ajoy Jospeh

Ernakulam, Kerala

Photographer | Cinematographer
Designer | Photo and Video Editor

Taking an image and freezing the moments, reveals how rich reality photography truly is. The time that has gone once, cannot be brought back. But those passed moments are then remembered and cherished through the images. This is where, we all acknowledge both still images and moving images, an incredible importance in our lives.

I am Abdul Kader Fayid P born and raised in Kannur, Kerala. After my formal studies, I was inspired and driven towards photography. I have completed my Professional Diploma in Art of Photography and Cinematography as well as KGTE in Photography from Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala.

I have created a creative photography portfolio titled “GOLDEN GRIDS” and commercial photography titled “FOS MAEROS”. In addition, I have also prepared a digital marketing based brand book called “F X SHOOT''. My cinematography portfolio is named “Interior”.

There is a lot more that I wish to do ahead in my photography and cinematography career. The world of visual media is vast and challenging too. I aspire to work in this creative field, by technically and artistically exploring the field of photography, cinematography and editing.


chicken kebab food photography fayid kannur
Chicken kebab : Chicken kebabs are so simple to make
food photography pasta eating pasta every day photography fayid kannur
Pasta : Eating pasta every day can improve head to helth
one man show oud edition fayid photography product perfume
One Man Show : Oud Edition
black magnet eau de parfum fragrance fayid photography product
Black Magne : Eau De Parfum Fragrance.


Fos Mavros by Abdul Kader Fayid.P

The term “fos mavros” comes from Greek. Mavros means dark and Fos means light. Lighting is an important aspect of creating a successful image....

The Golden grids by Abdul Kader Fayid

Things I have included in this portfolio Refraction photography, Abstract photography, Lighting photography, Creative photography, Motion photography, Landscape photography, Wildlife photography, Architecture photography. These...

FX Shoot by Abdul Kadar Fayid P

A brand book can also be called a brand bible, a brand style guide or a brand guide, among other similar terms. Essentially, it’s...


“Ambiance” investigates the effect of restaurant interior design on the dining experience. It demonstrates how ambiance improves the presentation and perception of food, creating...


Tableware supports the art of food photography and enhances the dining experience. It is critical in the design of cuisine and the creation of...


“Artist” celebrates the culinary geniuses behind the scenes, showing their creativity through captivating photography. It explores the close relationship between chefs and epicures, highlighting...


“Essentia” delves into the enthralling interaction of spices, sauces, and the epicure’s appreciation of tasty dishes. The chapter uses pictures to highlight their brilliant...
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