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“Alleyways” shows street photography to bring out Kolkata’s lively street  stories  by presenting  photos from the city’s narrow streets.

“Alleyways” is  a photo collection which features  the alleys of Kolkata. This series provides a look into the alleyways where the harsh reality of child labor and the resolve of working people are revealed through street photography. Uncover the complex mix of Kolkata’s streets, where each alleyway tells a story about life and labour.

students going to school

Alley Passing Unfamiliar face amidst schoolchildren’s journey.

In the Alleyways of Kolkata, “Alley Passing” shows the spirit of street photography. Four people walks through the street with an unknown man. A classic example of street photography in Kolkata, this visual narrative uses images to create a story. The picture shows visual narratives throughout Kolkata’s alleyways.

kids are walking through an alleyway

Young Workers Kids carry burden through alley.

In “Young Workers,” the scenario takes place in the streets of Kolkata’s alleyways, as a group of street children carry a cement sack through the narrow passage. This representation contrasts with “Alley Passing,” which shows how schoolchildren navigate the same streets. Some walk to school full of hope and dreams, while others work in the streets under the burden of responsibilities.

two little girls are walking over railway track

Sister’s Smile Sister’s smile brightens railway walk.

In “Sister’s Smile,” two sisters walk along the railway rails, engaged in the rhythm of the town. she givies the appeal of Kolkata’s railway walks to life. The little sister smiles, looking up at her older sister with wonder and happiness in her eyes. This scene, set among the storytelling photographs of Kolkata’s streets, perfectly conveys sisterhood.

people cleaning roads

Cleaning Crew Three cleaners tidying up narrow roads.

“Cleaning Crew” provides a look into the everyday lives of workers in Kolkata’s alley roads. They work to clean up the streets. One woman is walking while carrying trash, another man is sitting amid a pile of collected garbage. The third man is climbing to remove more trash. These images demonstrate the tireless efforts of these people in Kolkata’s streets.

“Narrowed Alleys” uses Kolkata street photography to convey vitality of alleyways. This chapter creates a pattern of visual narratives that capture the energy and resiliency of the city, from the reality of child labor to the vibrancy of daily life. It leaves an impact on viewers by exposing the visual stories on Kolkata’s alleys.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Harikrishnan V, Alappuzha, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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