Aman S P

Davanagere, Karnataka

Photographer | Cinematographer
Designer | Photo and Video Editor

He uses photography and cinematography to tell stories. His photography captures beauty in stillness, while cinematography captures exciting scenes with cameras, lighting, and technique. He uses both mediums to create a spectrum of emotions, encourage thought, and offer new perspectives.

Aman S P, from Davanagere, Karnataka, views photography as a potent narrative tool, drawing attention to the often-overlooked beauty in daily life. This art form possesses an enchanting ability to evoke deep emotions and immortalize cherished memories. His aspiration is for each photograph to prompt viewers to pause, observe, and rediscover the hidden beauty in their surroundings. Each image reflects a distinct perspective, offering a fresh outlook on the world.

Following the completion of 12th grade, He pursued a professional Diploma in the Art of Photography and Cinematography, along with a Kerala Government Technical Examination (KGTE) certification in Photography, all from Creative Hut Institute of Photography in 2023-24. He achieved certification as an Assistant Cameraman (NSQF level 4) through the Media and Skill Council. Furthermore, he holds professional certifications in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, showcasing a well-rounded skill set in the field of visual arts.

He is enthusiastic about embarking on a career as a commercial photographer and cinematographer. He approaches each project with meticulous care, infusing creativity into the work. The ultimate goal is to create enduring art, a shared aspiration among professionals in the field. This pursuit of crafting lasting visual stories unites him with fellow photographers and cinematographers in their creative journey.


Subtle Elegance : Leaf's Secret Occupant
little ecosystem-aman,davanagere--creativehut
Little Ecosystem : Housefly, the Silent Worker of the Ecosystem







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