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An Elegant Tale by Sajeeth K A


The portfolio “An Elegant Tale” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Landscape, Birds, Fashion, Art & Culture, Portrait, and Architecture. This book is about having a big perspective on particular frames that had been shot so far. Moreover, its a combination of restrainment with the understanding of symmetries in a photography level. In short, elegant is pared-down, powerful simplicity that works for the effect. As the saying goes, elegance is the only beauty that never fades.

In this book, one will witness the erotic landscape photography. As scenic beauty and nature’s perspective gives a different vibe. In order to get relaxed from our hush life. Furthermore, the journey continues through the ode to Ganga. Uniquely, the infinite loop of spirituality still stares through the window of hope. Later on, one will go through the resplendent structure. As they are the ones with strong hands in the history of India. Last but not the least is fashion photography. By the same token, it had shot the craziness of elegant couture. As fashion is only way to express in this co-operate world.

Sajeeth K A, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India.

sajeeth k a nagercoil tamil nadu

Sajeeth K A is from Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu. He is an enthusiastic photographer and traveler. Moreover, he is in love with photography more than anything. He believes that it is the global way of communicating with everyone and everything. Henceforth, he has completed his portfolio “An Elegant Tale”. A field that solely depends on one’s creativity with various ups and downs. He has completed his Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography from Creative hut institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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