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Angels With Wings


Birds have the kind of mobility many people envy.

Discovering the Mysterious World of Birds For generations, people have been fascinated by birds, which are breathtaking natural wonders with a wide range of extraordinary skills and traits.


Yellow-Billed Egret : Basking in the sun on a calm lake.

The Aerial Maestros: Pilots with Mastery

The fact that these animals can fly is one of their most remarkable characteristics. The sky are their playground, home to everything from graceful flying eagles to nimble hummingbirds. Birds are incredibly agile creatures that can fly as well as run, jump quite far, dive into the water to catch fish, and swim rather well.


Malabar Grey Hornbill : It’s Main habitat is dense forest.

Anatomical Wonders: Wings Adapted for Aviation

Their amazing flying is made possible by their bodies’ aerodynamic architecture. Their tail feathers and wings work together in unison to help them fly and perform an amazing display of airborne skills


Indian Grey Hornbill : Makes nest in tree hollows on tall trees.

Avian societies: Social Cohesion and Communication

Birds are extremely gregarious creatures that frequently gather in flocks for camaraderie and group defense against predators. Their melodic songs and distinctive calls contribute a symphony to the natural world and provide an intriguing window into their complex social structures.


Scarlet Minivet : Wings has a fiery colour.

Diverse Form and Function: Beaks, Feathers, and Nutrition

Birds are a diverse species, as seen by the brilliant hues, complex designs, and range of textures that cover their feathers. A bird’s food habits are closely associated with the shape and structure of its beak or bill; carnivores have a pointed beak, whilst insectivores have a sharp, curved one.


Yellow Oriole : Large insects are their main food.

Challenges to Conservation: Threatening extinction

Sadly, the world of birds confronts enormous difficulties. Many species have been pushed to extinction by human activities including hunting, poaching, and ecological changes, while many more are in danger of going extinct completely.


Pied Kingfisher : Mainly found hovering over the lakes.

Ecosystem Balance Threats: Pollutants and Habitat Depletion

Because of the widespread contamination in water bodies, the number of water birds is dropping, which is concerning. The delicate balance of these environments is upset by pesticides and poisonous chemicals, which has disastrous effects on the birds. Moreover, birds who live close to polluted water sources suffer terrible repercussions that ultimately result in their tragic death.


Indian Roller : Fire attracts them.

Maintaining Ecosystem Balance: An Urgent Appeal

Given the critical role that birds play in preserving ecological equilibrium, immediate action must be taken. Their existence and the health of our ecosystem depend on protecting their habitats and maintaining a clean, safe environment.


Common Kingfisher : Commonly found on trees nearby river bank.

The amazing world of birds begs us to treasure, honor, and safeguard these remarkable animals. Not only do they liven up our surrounds, but they are also inextricably linked into the fabric of our ecology. Together, let’s protect these magnificent creatures and ensure that everyone has a peaceful future.


Greater Racket-tailed Drongo : They can imitate around 51 different calls.

Recall that backing conservation initiatives entails safeguarding the fabric of existence that these captivating critters weave across our heavens. Let’s fly together toward a time when these amazing birds of flight will still be a sight to behold.


Blue-tailed Bee Eater : Found mainly in grasslands


White Cheeked Barbet : They nest in cavities on the tree trunks.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Udith Ullas, Kannur, Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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