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Aqua Mirror


Capturing Kerala’s reflective landscapes through “Aqua Mirror ” in the beautiful backwaters of Alappuzha & Kottayam’s serene still waters.

Feel the magical world of “Aqua Mirror,” a beautiful collection of landscape photography through Kerala backwaters photography. See the heavenly attraction of nature’s mirrored landscape reflections through photos of the picturesque backwaters of Kerala. Experience the timeless beauty of Kerala’s seascapes through these photos. They show a quiet harmony of light and scenery, from the peaceful early mornings in Kottayam to the mesmerizing Alappuzha reflection images.

trees and houses reflected in alappuzha backwaters

Lakeside Symmetry  Alappuzha’s charm is reflected in the water.

The beauty of Kerala’s Alappuzha backwaters reflections unfolds in a serene moment captured through landscape photography. The calm backwaters mirror the lush greenery and vibrant skies. Reflection enhances this landscape’s look forming an alluring symmetry.

early morning scene of kottayam seen in water reflection

Still Waters  Calm waters whisper nature’s melodies.

The serene waters of Kottayam perfectly reflect the beauty of early morning. Subtle hues of morning sun captured along with the soothing reflection create a beautiful pattern.

scene of a boat carrying passengers reflected in water

Mimicking Waters  Echoes of nature in still waters.

As the morning light gently kisses the horizon, the calm waters of Kottayam becomes an aqua mirror. It reflects the scene of trees and a passing boat, carrying passengers. Captured in perfect stillness, this scene reflects a sense of calmness.

a lone rower going to work in the morning

Nature’s Mirror  Reflecting nature’s timeless charm.

As the sun rises gently, the serene waters of Kottayam display the majestic outlines of coconut trees and a lone rower, making his way to work. the dancing ripples on the still water enhances the calm morning scene. It captures the ageless beauty of Kerala’s backwaters.

Travel on a visual voyage through Kerala’s backwaters with the lens of ‘Aqua Mirror,’ where reflection photography captures the beauty of Alappuzha and peace of Kottayam still waters. Feel the symphony of flowing landscapes as the serene waterways of Kerala reflect the beauty of nature. These pictures capture the eternal charm of calm mornings of Kerala and its backwaters. From the vivid colours of morning to the ageless beauty of coconut trees and lone rowers.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Architha B and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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