Photographers are now more interested in refraction photography, which is an interesting topic. Many photographers utilize objects to refract light and transform a simple shot into something amazing.

Artdrawps : It’s always the small pieaces that makes the big picture

The beauty of using reflections in photography is that they may completely change an image from one that is quite straightforward to one that is richer, abstract, or otherwise more creative.

color pattern
Color Pattern : To understand is to perceive patterns

Almost every close-up photographer does water droplet photography, and for good reason: It looks fantastic, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

yellow melons
Yellow melons : water drops look like yellow melons

The secret is to use a macro lens and/or create big water droplets. You may have a lot of fun placing different objects in the background, such as flags, flowers, and more, because the droplets will refract the scene behind them.

color bomb
Color bomb : Water drops in different colors

It includes study into how visible light works with the eye to improves better. Mirrors and lenses are important optical tools because they reflect and change light. The way light reaches the eye is adjusted by lenses or mirrors in eyeglasses, magnified glasses, telescopes, and binoculars.

different colors
Different colors : color speaks all language

Refraction is the physical process of light passing through a medium and the effect it has on its direction and speed. Refraction occurs all of the time in our environment pretty much anywhere there is light.

color pattern
Color pattern : Color pattern in a glass

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