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In the chapter titled “Arranged” of the photography book “Perspective,” we focus on the bride’s family and their dedicated efforts in preparing for the wedding. This chapter specifically highlights the love and support of the bride’s father as he takes care of various aspects of the wedding.

Loving Mother:- Mother’s care and happiness as she prepares her daughter for the Wedding Day

Father’s Thoughtful Acts: In this chapter, I have highlighted the father’s affection and thoughtfulness. Through my photography, I  document the moments when he directly oversees the selection and arrangement of various wedding-related components. These pictures reveal his great attention to detail and his wish to give his daughter a special and lovely celebration.

Family Bliss:- Experiencing the moment of Love, Happiness and Togetherness for the days to come

The bride’s family might have gone  through a wide range of emotions at these moments. These images capture their delight and excitement as they get ready for the wedding, as well as the emotions that are joyful with an element of nostalgia. These pictures capture the closeness of the family and the gravity of this momentous occasion.

Bride has nostalgia and that brings her back to think about the happy memories. She finds joy in those moments in her family with father and when she gives her father a hug.

Feeling nostalgic:- The day that reminds the memorable bond with father and his enduring Love

Honouring Tradition:Throughout this chapter, we pay homage to the traditions embraced by the bride’s family. Here photography highlights the cultural elements, rituals, and customs that are woven into the wedding preparations. These images serve as a tribute to the rich heritage and the importance of preserving and honouring these cherished traditions.

Overflowing Gratitude:- Feeling blessed to have life’s blessings, beautiful memories, and abundant joy

As they get ready for the wedding, we shed light on the bride’s family particularly  her father’s emotion. The images here highlight the family’s careful planning, the father’s considerate actions, and the tender moments they enjoy through our images. This chapter honours the intense love, commitment, and grace of tradition that join together to make a wedding experience that will live long in the memory.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Shaik Peer Ahamad, Visakhapatnam, Creative Hut Institute of Photography.Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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