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Photography is a Craft vs Art

As creative minds, we always need to go through paths and tasks of improving our skills. The details of the chaotic ride vary for each and everyone. Whether it is the craft or art in photography, it has a greater importance. Let’s see how and why?

Art is perceived differently by any two different persons. In case of Photography too, no two images of same subject and location can be same for any two photographers. The art and artistic approach towards capturing of each image, makes it unique and well defined.

What is Craft in Photography?

The knowledge about photography that we gain is all about the craft in Photography. The blend of technical knowledge and practical application of the same makes the photography a real passion for many of us.

Craft in photography can be divided into two parts. The gear you use and how you use it.
Craftsman it is tool to curve.
Brush is the tool to Paint
For a photographer DSLR is the tool to capture light in to the canvas of Camera called Sensor.

The photograph is frozen in a moment. You don’t know what happened before or afterward. This foliage opportunity for the viewer to come up with a story himself.
The gear is the attract, reflective thing that most people pay attention to. Many question comes into mind Sensor sizes, brands, DSLRs, Mirror less, lenses, image quality. Which brands are good in Camera? Which is best camera lens?

And once polish the tool, you start to question how the gear serves the purpose of your photography.
Once you think you’ve got the right gear for you. Trust me, that always changes. Learned how to use it. You begin to understand the fundamentals of exposure triangle and to manipulate it. You learn the techniques of long exposure, expanding and exposing the ISO.
Then you come to realization that you need more gear. The desire of gear never ends.

After lots of practice you subconsciously go down your aperture to f/8 if you wish for a sharp image in full of depth. You know exactly how to attain significant focus on every shot, even in manual. You know what to do in every circumstances. People see you as ‘good’ because you know how to function a camera properly.
And unfortunately, in the age of smart phones simple way to capture well-exposed images. An one can do that. It’s more than expected time. So you need to stand out.
And that’s where the art comes in.

Why Photography is an Art?

Here we believe Photography comes from Drawing. As earlier ages when they feel to draw a Subject takes a time. As the invention of scientists took room based to camera to small tiny camera for easy to bring.

So the Creative Hut Institute of Photography always give the priority to the students to learn drawing and art and craft as the part of their curriculum. We strongly believe that understanding the visual language drawing plays an important role.


The Art of Photography

Here makes your images different to everyone else. Once you have learned the basic and techniques, you can take good images just like everyone else. The art is the way to makes unique your work.

Consider your instagram feed. It’s filled with tons of good images. But what makes an image ‘great’? Or outstanding?
That, is your art. And yes photography is an art. The Creation and expression of yourself is an art.

Photography is an emotions, your thoughts, your ideas. But there is no art without the craft. Art is only real when it is shaped and shared. We always believe the art of photography along with other art and craft forms drawing and painting are encouraged. how they involved to craft creatively into the photography.

Earlier explained that digital process where considered “automatic” and not requiring any artistic input. They would accept photographers using “chemical” process for their work.

We as a Photography College always believe that Photography is an art. That art makes you a different and Unique to make your identity.


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