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Mudiyettu is an annual festival held in ‘Bhagavati Kavus,’ goddess temples in var ous villages along the rivers Chalakkudy Puzha, Periyar, and Moovattupuzha

Aloof : Incredibly arrogant and powerful demon ‘Darika’.
Crush : Darika possesion to conquer the world.

A village-wide project in which each caste has a distinct role to play. The Parayan caste provides bamboo artefacts and leather hides for drums, while the Thandan caste provides the areca nut fronds needed for masks and headgear. The Ganakan people paint the masks, while the Kuruvan people keep the country’s candles lit. The Veluthedan Pat yan) caste is in charge of washing the deity’s clothing, while the Maran caste is in charge of preparing the torches and keeping them supplied with oil.

Nag : Darika bothers the gods.
Menace : Darika became threat for gods

Darika was a demon who obtained a bles sing from Brahma that guaranteed he would never be defeated by a man from any of Hindu mythology’s fourteen planets.

Divinity : Lord siva creates “Badhrakali”.
Brutal conflict : Bhadrakali was able to exorcise the demon

Darika became incredibly powerful and ar rogant as a result of this. Darika went on to conquer the world with this gift, defeating even the gods’ king, Indra. When Darika’s crimes grew unbearable, the sage Narada asked Shiva to confine him. Shiva consented, bypassing Brahma’s curse by announcing that Darika would be murdered by the goddess Kali because she was a woman and not one of the fourteen worlds’ men.


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