Artsy Eagle by Deepak Verma


A brand book is an instruction handbook that describes the personality of a company. In order for our product to always leave the same good impression, a Brand Book is made. Brand is what our client perceives our product as, its identity. A Brand Book is a guideline that explains rules for creating an image of our product.

Every little detail of design has an effect on the viewer, it is dependent on what they think. Every small change has a big impact. It usually includes information about the brand’s history, graphics, voice, and goal. It’s also known as “brand guidelines,” “style guide,” or “brand standards.” and in the brand book logos play an important role. Logos become more recognised to a wider spectrum of consumers as our brand expands, and this familiarity promotes the notion that we are trustworthy and approachable.

A brand book’s basic contents include guidelines for a company’s communication habits. The brand book contains prerequisites for the foundation of creativity.


‘Artsy’ means someone who is very involved in, and enthusiastic about artistic things.

‘Eagles’ are known for having sharp vision. Having “Eagle eyes” refers to someone who has great ability to focus on a task. A person with eagle eyes notices everything and every detail. I love using my imagination to take artistic pictures. Various genres of art have always influenced my photography.

I think a photographer must analyze everything before capturing a moment, just like an Eagle. Great photography requires keen and calm observation skills. Clicking a picture becomes simple if one has a strong mental representation of the frame. The name “Artsy Eagle” comes from this.

About Author

Designs & Text by Deepak Verma from Delhi. With a vision to explore the visual field, He completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography and KGTE in Photography from Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala.

All the Designs and text in this post are copyright of Deepak Verma, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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