Fashion Photography

Emotions and Expressions plays a great role in creating stunning fashion photographs. Moreover, conceptual shoots are dramatized more to understand the mood of the clothes. So as to stylize the clothes according to the occasion. Therefore, it is used as the main key to show the concept of the shoot like that of Atelier. Henceforth, here are some fashion photographs by Ashik George Bastin.

Prime: A vintage heart and a beautiful mind
Epoch: A soul that grooves
Handed-Down: A memory down the lane
Ethnic: Elegance is beauty
Delicate: Widely attractive
Persuasion: Create the life you want
Exemplary: Keynote to true elegance

On the whole, the fashion photography genre is one of the glossy, creative, competitive, and expensive fields. Apart from that, one has to go with the flow of trends and photograph out of the box style. Furthermore, the collections of atelier portray the vintage, classy, yet simplicity mode of the beau ideal. So as to foresaw the art production of the designer’s creativity.

Photographs by: Ashik George Bastin, Kerala

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