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Auric Vision by Jowel Thomas Joseph


Vision in photography is the thing that makes you a good photographer Vision is a word I’m also obsessed with; both in life and in photography

Vision is using photography to express something otherwise invisible. Vision is making poetry with photographs. It requires going beyond a technical understanding of the material to an artistic level. It’s about moving beyond understanding the medium to creativity and self-expression.

A vision in photography is being able to think creatively and attentively at a subject and capture it in a way that conveys meaning. Without vision, a photo is just a pretty picture with no meaning or soul. your vision in photography originates in your vision of life. It is how you see things. It is how you let things inspire you.

In this portfolio ‘auric vision’ is all about how you can have a creative vision in photography. The photographs in this portfolio makes you understand how creative you can be in photography. This portfolio is mainly focusing on creativity side being creative in photography is like showing something ordinary in a new way. Since your vision is different from everyone else’s, that often involves pushing yourself outside the box, recognizing when to ignore the “rules”, and trusting your own instincts in order to effectively translate that unique voice in your head into a realized image.

Instead of finding inspiration from outside sources, seek inspiration from yourself and create something unique. It’s difficult for me to ignore all of the ideas I’ve seen and shoot from the heart, but I believe that’s where creativity comes from my photography portfolio “auric vision” is an effort to bring creative photos. it is mainly focusing on creative photographs landscapes and wildlife, hope you enjoy watching it.

All the Photos and text in this post are copyright of Jowel Thomas Joseph, from Kottayam Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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