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Cinematic wheels


Creative Hut Institute’s, 2nd May 2024 Automotive Cinematography Class, led by expert Ahmed Shaheen S. Our team makes video Cinematic wheels.

Throughout the class, Mr. Shaheen delved deeply into the details of automotive cinematography. He covered essential techniques, including the various shots and angles that bring out the best in automotive videos. His hands-on approach allowed students to grasp the practical aspects of shooting an automotive video. Emphasizing the importance of each shot and camera movement in conveying the essence of the vehicle and filming it.

Following the insightful session, students were given an exciting assignment: to create an automotive video featuring the Tata Harrier XT Plus Divided into teams the students applied the skills and techniques they had learned by filming the vehicle from different angles and using various camera movements to capture its dynamic features and sleek design.

The editing phase of the project was just as crucial. Our team collaborated to refine their footage, ensuring that each shot transitioned smoothly and showcased the Tata Harrier XT Plus in the best light. The final videos were a testament to the skills they acquired during the workshop and named cinematic wheels. Demonstrating a keen understanding of automotive cinematography.

As a culmination of their efforts, the students presented their final videos to Mr. Shaheen and received constructive feedback. Further enhancing their understanding of the craft. The workshop not only equipped them with technical skills but also instilled a passion for automotive cinematography that will undoubtedly drive their future projects in the field of automotive.

This workshop was an invaluable experience, providing students with practical skills and inspiring them to explore the world of automotive cinematography further. The Creative Hut Institute looks forward to hosting more such enriching events in the future.


DOP: Harikrishnan V.k, Heet Dave, Sathish Kumar, Karthikraj, and Mewari Umsong

Edited by : Tejas Deo

All the photos, videos and text in this post are copyright of  Tejas Deo and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners

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