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 Avi Focus


Avi Focus shows bird photography in Alappuzha, Kerala. From the Terns to Blue-tailed Bee Eaters, it’s a visual delight for bird enthusiasts.

“Avi Focus” showcases a photo collection of various bird species in Kerala. From the Black Tern Photos to the Cotton pygmy goose. With their wings extended wide against Kerala’s amazing natural scenery, each picture conveys the spirit of birds in flight. This collection offers an exclusive look into the world of flying bird photography and the variety of species seen in Kerala.

A birds flying in the sky

Noir Tern Black Tern, Wings Spread Wide.

a bird flying over a wetland

Hunting Flight Tern scans water for fish.

Bird photography lovers get moments like the Black Tern in action in its lively habitat of Alappuzha, Kerala. The bird rules in midair, its wings spread wide against the blue sky. The Black Tern’s shape captures the thrill of photographing flying birds.  The photograph here also captures the hunting flight of the Tern as it surveys the water below.

A crane going to fly

Flight Preparations Wingspread signals crane’s flight.

crane flying over a wetland

Field Glide Crane’s Morning Journey Through Fields.

“Avi Focus” shows the flight preparations of a white crane, with its wings raised, signifying the start of its voyage. The poise of the crane’s widely spread wings as it soars across the morning fields. The crane’s clean white shape and yellow beak create a striking image. See the many kinds of birds that live in Kerala and dive into the world of Bird photography.

a bird flying towards twig

Resting Spot Bee Eater’s Bush Landing Approach

Bee eater spreading it's wings

Bush Stretch Blue-tailed bee eater perch stretch.

“Avi Focus” captures moments of birdwatching in Alappuzha, Kerala, including the Blue-Tailed Bee Eater’s delicate bush landings. In “Resting Spot,” the photo series highlights the bee eater’s approach to a small shrub, showcasing the complex texture of its wings. The “Bush Stretch” shows the stylish pose of the bee eater, spreading its wings widely.

a bird drying it's wings

Air Drying Anhinga spreads wings for drying.

A goose jumps from water

Blue Wing Cotton pygmy goose takes flight.

Alappuzha, Kerala’s “Avi Focus” features wonderful bird photography. Watch the Cotton Pygmy Goose flying and show off its vivid blue wings, or watch the beautiful Anhinga wings speeded over the lake. Through these stunning photos of flying birds in Kerala , discover the beauty of Kerala’s biodiversity.
The class of the birds of Alappuzha, Kerala, can be seen in “Avi Focus”. Each image displays birds in flight ranging from the Black Tern to the Cotton Pygmy Goose. This collection showcases bird photography lovers a peek of flying species such as the Cotton Pygmy Goose and Anhinga. With “Avi Focus discovered the lure of bird photography in Alappuzha, Kerala.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Harikrishnan V, Alappuzha, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners. 

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