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    to Learn Photography

    Certified Course in Basic Photography is an ideal course for those who are just starting out in photography and moreover planning to learn it in short span of time. Its a course that intends to develop the confidence in you and make you find pleasure in capturing the images. This Basic photography course will help you know your camera and its settings in the most easiest way. At the end of the course, you will be able to compose the image as well as enhance it with most appropriate and pleasing manner.
    Learn how to properly set up your camera and the fundamentals of photography from this crash course. Such as exposure settings, white balance, camera calibration, metering, and Focus etc... You also learn to compose your images using various composition rules such as the rule of thirds, etc... Now get ready to grab this opportunity and learn photography from Creative Hut.


    Control the Light

    a) Exposure
    b) Aperture & Depth of Field
    c) Shutter Speed
    d) ISO

    Meter the Light

    a) Matrix (evaluative) Metering
    b) Center-weighted Metering
    c) Partial Metering
    d) Spot Metering

    Focus the Light

    a) Focus System - Autofocus and Manual focus
    b) Focus Mode - Continuous vs Single-Servo Autofocus
    Autofocus Area Modes - Single-Point, Dynamic, 3D Tracking, Zone, Group-Area, Auto-Area
    c) AF-On Button / Back Button Auto Focus

    Enhance the Color

    a) Color Space
    b) White Balance
    c) Camera Calibration

    Compose the Frame

    a) Reading the Image
    b) Rule of Odds
    c) Rule Of Thirds
    d) Diagnal Method

    Correct the Image (Adobe Lightroom)

    a) Compose the Frame
    b) Light Balance and Direction
    c) Detailing and Sharpen the Frame
    d) Color Balance and Grading


    Total Fees : Rs.5000/- + 18% GST
    Course fees needs to be paid in full before the class session.

    Kind Note

    1. All the taxes and charges imposed by the Government from time to time are applicable to the fees and are to be compulsorily paid by each student.
    2. At present, the GST is 18% and further any change in it will be applicable on the fee.


    5 days (2 Hours per day session)
    Next Batch Time Slots:
    Monday to Friday : 4pm to 6pm or 6pm to 8pm
    Two Saturdays : 5 hrs per day


    1. No Age Restriction or Requirement or Qualifications.
    2. Candidates of any gender and age group can join .

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