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Beast Of Kabini Forest


Wildlife photography is an adventurous task that needs a lot of patience and hard work. The photographer has to explore wild areas of the forest risking in his own life. Moreover, he has to wait for days together to get a good shoot. By the same token, wildlife photography has turned out to be a passion for many youngsters in today’s era. So, in this article one will get to know nature’s very own Kabini forest and its beasts. Situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Furthermore, it is one of the popular wildlife destinations for its rich flora and fauna in South India.

Throughout, this article one will get to know the artistic and scientific value of wildlife photography. Apart from that, taking photographs of wildlife depend upon perception also. As there are many wildlife photographers who take shots for a passion, for business purposes, or for the welfare, in other words, to study behavior and to create awareness among people. Here, the perspective is to showcase the beauty and the beast of the Kabini forest. As elephants, tigers, black panthers, and cheetah are the main attractions of this sanctuary. So, let’s get into the pictorial safari without any delay:

safe moment by aman john thomas
A safe moment: The spoted deer grazing in peace, yet alert
desperate by aman john thomas
The desperate wait: The deer is anxiously waiting for its mate.
wildlife photography by aman john thomas
Free From Thirst: The deer is slowly moving towards the heard after quenching thirst.
the-lone-tusker-wildlife-photography-aman john thomas
The Lone Tusker: The tusker is waiting in anguish as he strayed out of the herd.
freedom by aman john thomas
Freedom on the tree top: The Langoor is sensing a possible danger nearby.
majestic gait by aman john thomas
The Majestic Gait: The tiger is on the look out for its prey which is a hard.
royal tiger by aman john thomas
A potential enemy around: The tiger is alert to drive out any intruder to protect it’s territory.
existence by aman john thomas
Struggle for Existence: The wild dogs turn violent for food and procreation.

Henceforth, being a wildlife photographer it takes a queer mix of ability, patience, creativity, instinct, training, opportunity, and many thankless hours with no fixed amount of bucks. But, if one have utmost dedication, passion, and love for nomadic life. They can opt for this particular genre of photography.

Photographs & Text by Aman John Thomas.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Aman John Thomas. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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