Benefits of Campus Life in Photography College


Campus life is where you as a student learn, develop, and explore in a good college atmosphere. A college may have variable courses of different streams and students of different departments. But a Photography College life is different and special from that. It is a college with students and faculties of similar interests and likeness. Hence, each moment of college life becomes one of the benefits of campus life.

Campus Life

The special fact is that a photography college campus has students from different places speaking different languages and of different cultures. But, what makes them united in college is their love and passion for Photography. Consequently, it becomes a very important benefit of campus life.

Living a campus life in a photography college campus far away from one’s own home and family is a different feeling. For some, it’s a fact of homesickness while for others it is an exciting journey. The benefits of campus life are more than what one can imagine. Because campus life at Photography College gives you completely new experiences.

What are the Benefits of Campus Life?

The benefits of campus life are that it gives you an opportunity to share and communicate with other like-minded classmates. You learn to manage your time for all your daily projects. For example photography, editing, videography, enjoyment, reading, playing, chat with other students, etc… In other words, it is the campus life that makes each student an important part of the college.

The benefits of living and learning on campus in Photography College

1. You learn photography with hands-on practice
2. You learn under very skilled and experienced faculties
3. You get faculty guidance full time
4. You get studio practice on campus
5. You get studio equipment available for practice
6. Eco-friendly campus study gives you a peaceful mind
7. You learn photography and videography with nature
8. Learn to capture in the natural lighting on campus
9. You learn with students from different places and languages
10. You get to learn other languages and varied culture
11. You learn to share with other students
12. You learn to communicate with others
13. You learn to tackle the circumstances
14. You create your best portfolio with guidance
15. You have enjoyment and spend quality time on campus

Moreover, you get an identity of being a student or alumni from a reputed good photography college.

Why join a photography college?

You need to join a professional photography college campus and take the first step towards becoming a professional photographer. To make yourself a skilled photography professional you need to get a deep understanding.

Photography is beyond just clicks. Indeed it is to be learned in-depth and practiced in much better understanding.

If you are actually planning to make your all-time photography passion into a profession, then it is a wise decision to join the best photography college.

Above all, by joining a photography institute, you make sure that you are in the right place. In addition to the benefits of campus life, it would definitely help you in making a good career in photography.

Learn from Photography College

A good photography institute will lead their students with proper knowledge and career guidance. Join a photography college that will give you all the necessary knowledge and guidance throughout your duration of study there and even after that.

First of all, by the decision of joining a photography course, you have actually chosen Photography as a very important part of your life.

Secondly, your selection now relies on ‘to learn photography, why should I join a photography college?’ Is it not possible to learn photography without joining any photography college or say the institute of photography?

Benefits of learning in Campus life

The number of photography tutorials, online photography classes, workshops, and tips available at your fingertips. But, it is quite natural that you need a proper guide to explore in this field.

It’s just as if you have visited a new place that you have known about by reading books, surfing online and through other references. But, you would definitely find for a proper and knowledgeable guide who can help you in exploring that place in the most appropriate manner.

An opportunity to learn under a talented and good mentor is surely a precious gift that a person can have. After all, only a good teacher can understand their student and analyze their caliber. They help the students to enhance their skills and develop in each stage of their study.

The guru or the photo mentor of the photography college is the one who analyzes each student’s skills.  helps them to grow and develop it, share appropriate knowledge, rectify the mistakes, and provide the best solutions to correct the same.

Secondly, with the proper mentor guidance, you need a college atmosphere with the necessary equipment, infrastructure, and practical knowledge with hands-on practice. It makes learning more perfect.

The best 5 benefits of joining a Photography college

1. It gives a Direction to your photography passion
2. You get Detail understanding of Photography
3. College campus life to explore more
4. The Interaction with like-minded people
5. More Opportunities and exposure

Which is the best photography college?

Finally, it is a usual question that is asked to the upcoming photographers. It is none other than the question “Which is the best photography college? And there comes the series of questions thereafter. Such as, which photography college should I join? or How should I find the best photography college in India? and many more.

Answering these questions is quite easy. As it is a direct reply to “how can I know which is the best photography college?” There is always great importance of campus life in a photography college.

To know, “Which is the best photography college in India?”

Just go through the following points and you will be able to find the best institute of Photography by yourself.

Facilities of Campus

Location, the place where the photography college is located, the infrastructures, best hostel facilities, class well-equipped studio and equipment are all part of the facilities that a college needs to have.  

1. First, know whether the photography college has its own campus.

Only a campus-based photography institute can have photography practice on the campus. Such practices always provide students with the confidence to work in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

And therefore they can practice and shoot in natural lighting for fashion photography, macro photography, product, and food photography, etc…

2. Secondly, know whether enough infrastructures are provided to the students.

Only a good photography college can provide their students with enough infrastructure and equipment for their daily classes and practices. Make sure that college provides its students to access the same.

A comfortable classroom structure, interactive and creative class sessions must be provided to students. Consequently, it makes the students develop and grow their skills and knowledge.

3. Know about the faculties of the photography college.

A student is believed to have the knowledge gifted from his teacher. It is the teacher who makes his or her student a person capable to overcome the challenges. Therefore, one must need to know about the mentors of the photography college before joining there.

A teacher is best known to his students. So, the best way to know about them is to ask about these mentors to the college’s alumni or ex-students. Surely, you may get multiple answers from different people. Indeed, just find it out if that mentor has influenced the ex-students and had been an important part of their professional career.

Hence, having experienced and good mentors to guide you from time to time is one of the important benefits of campus life.

Photography College Activities

4. Know what does Photography College does in the development of each student?

For the skill development of each student, they must be initiated with art and creative sessions. Only a fit healthy body and mind can give you deep involvement in photography and videography.

Find out whether the college provides regular exercise or yoga classes for their students. And at the same time are there any drawing, painting, sports and games facilities provided for the students. In short, what are the initiatives taken by the college for the development of each student physically, mentally, and artistically?

Photography colleges must need to have communication development sessions too. For instance, sessions to develop their communication in various languages especially English.

5. Know whether the photography college takes photography study tours and field visits?

Daily class session is required for learning photography. But, just classroom study will not surely work out in Photography education. You need practical knowledge, location study, photo walks, field visits, and more importantly the photography study tours. It helps in understanding different locations and provides students with opportunities to explore.

Finally, know whether the photography institute takes responsibility for such photography study tours.

6. Know what cultural activities and celebrations are conducted for students in the college?

The evergreen students are the energy and life of any college. They make college life more colorful with various celebrations and cultural activities. The celebration of various festivals and enjoyment is required for the art students. Hence, this makes an important part to be analyzed.

Furthermore, you must know whether the college of Photography conducts cultural activities and celebrations for students.

7. Know what are the achievements of Photography College?

You must know about the college achievements in terms of education and learning structure there. What the achievements of the students who had passed out from there? The awards, records, and recognition of the photography college or to its students are the achievements that you need to know.

Because, only a good way of learning, proper guidance and dedication can bring these laurels.

Photography Portfolio

Although it seems very easy to mention that a portfolio is a collection of your work, the creation of a portfolio is a hard part.

8. Know whether photography college helps their students in Portfolio making?

When you visit a college of photography ask for the student’s portfolio. Accordingly, you will get a close idea of whether such portfolios of students are available or not. At the same time, you can analyze the same with the quality of work.

A photography college do need to take responsibility or much effort in student’s portfolio making. And most importantly, best part of the college is when every student have their own portfolio.

Therefore, you may realize how dedicated the college is towards each student’s portfolio.

9. Know whether the photography college provides hostel and food facilities to their students?

Full time and regular course in Photography is always the best choice, for those who take photography seriously into their life. Think of the facility of living with our classmates and batch-mates during the course. It would be really interesting and worthwhile too.

A photography college with a full-time course demands the staying and food facility for all the students at their own campus. Hence, it is one of the important points to be noted.

For this reason, find whether the college provides you the best, neat and safe hostel and food facility within the campus.

Photography Placement

Placement and job are some of the important factors of any student’s life. Most of us plan for our future career during our course of study itself.

10. Know does the photography college help in student’s internship or placements and provides them with proper career guidance and future assistance?

Here, make sure that your selection of Photography College assists you in finding the best photography and videography job.

Also, give their students the best available vacancies and approaches in the industry. Moreover, this placement assistance needs to be given during the course of study as well as after the course duration too.

Finally, after knowing all the above factors, you would be definite of why you have selected Photography? And moreover, why should you study photography in a photography college?


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