Photography trick – Circle

Circle is one of the photography tricks which is totally based on the talent of the photographer. Circle photography trick is to make the center of the frame or main subject sharp and the surrounding in a circular motion. This trick needs proper camera knowledge and more practical knowledge with training. Capturing the pictures with circular movement gives better point of attraction in center of the frame.
Whenever one is taking the circle effect picture, one should keep their hand stable. Or else one can use a lens with tripod collar, and can mount that lens in the tripod. Which will let you take stable pictures. But mostly only tele lenses will come with tripod collar, and one should select our subject properly while taking with the tripod.
Here are the best 8 circle photography trick.
Picture credits: Abhishek Dhupar, Punjab
Picture credits: ajaykumar SA, Kerala.
Picture credits: Alan Jose, Kerala.
Picture credits: Aman john Thomas, Kerala.
Picture credits: Bhanu Praksh, Andrapradesh.
Picture credits: Chaitra S, Karnataka.
Picture credits: Ecin PJ, Kerala.
Picture credits: Aman John Thomas, Kerala.
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-Article by Bharathi S Murugan

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