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Best Photography Courses: The Complete Guide


In today’s era, photography plays an important role in each corner of the world. This field is always considered as bliss. Because it holds the power to capture and record the world in real. Whether it is wildlife, fashion or food it is there to capture. The memories and beauty that it beholds always try to magnify humanity. That’s why photography is an evolving and inspiring field that has and will serve generations to come. But, to accomplish one has to be educated enough to leave a mark of his own. Both in basic schooling as well as in choosing the best photography courses.

As the saying goes

” How much we learn is not as important as applying what we know. The amount of knowledge is less important than what we do with the knowledge we have.”

Obviously, photography education is no different from this. To know more, you can check out our Photography Education article.

There are many aspirant photography lovers, who wish to take forward their photography passion to the next level. This video will help you to know about photography courses and the eligibility to join the same for a future photography career.

Photography Courses

It’s often said that education is a process that evolves human beings into being human. But alas, as easily said it’s very difficult to implement the same and achieve the desired result. As the food is to the stomach, the same, education is to the brain. Anyhow, education without knowledge is of no use. As the knowledge tells us the path in which, education has to be applied to achieve our goals. So, let’s see how can one gain knowledge in this field.

Types Of Photography Courses

There are different photography courses in many colleges that one can opt for after their respective stands. Like any other profession, photography can also be categorized into 5 types that are:

types of photography courses

Certificate Courses

These courses are a very short period courses ie, from 3-6 months. Mostly, opted by the candidates who either don’t have appropriate qualifications or not eligible for higher studies. Or maybe in other fields of profession, who can’t invest their time much in this field. But, want to know the basics to continue their passion.

Diploma Courses

One step higher than the certificate courses. It’s basically like the preview of degree courses which will complete in 1 year. Indeed, it focuses on training a person in a particular field i.e photography, to gain knowledge in depth. Private or government-affiliated educational institutions, usually operate these courses.

Degree Courses

These courses have a bit more value than a diploma in society. As it is a 3-year course. Its emphasis is on academics and not only on one subject. So, photography becomes one of the subjects among many other major subjects. Usually, they are rewarded by a recognized or deemed universities.

PG Courses

PG is usually a 2-year course. Specialization and research is carried out in a particular category or field or career path. So, as to keep the track in a particular direction.

PhD Courses

Ph.D. is a 5-year course. In which, one has to involve both in working in an organization as well as in research works about one subject. So, that one can advance his/her step of knowledge further. And, more than that one will achieve a “Dr” before the name.

Eligibility For Photography Courses

photography eligibility

The above mentioned are qualifications, that one has to pursue to get the certificates. And, in the case of Ph.D., candidates like M.Des/ M.Arch/ M.Tech/ M.Phil/ MFA/ M.A/ M.Sc/ PG Diploma in Design of NID, Ahmadabad can apply. Particularly, if they want to be the masters in the field.

Every education has such categories. In order, to reach certain heights in a field. Each individual has its dreams to achieve. But, not knowing the path make them get diverged and land them into a field that they are not at all interested in. Building a career in photography is not as easy as it seems from outside. After all, it’s just like the sea, once you dive you will realize how much deep it is. So, think twice before jumping. But, if you have a drive, then you can be successful.

Entrance Exams For Photography

Yes, in the photography field also one has to crack the entrance. But, it varies from college to college. For a Ph.D. definitely one has to go through the entrance. Mostly, entrances are held in IIT colleges and also in NID (National Institute of Design).

Which is the best photography course in India?

As per our research on different colleges, we included the following question answer. Which photography course is best? What is the Photography Course? What is the name of the photography course? After 12th, finding the best photography course is very difficult. so we were sharing some of the top photography courses for you.

Further readings will give an answer to the following questions How long is a photography course?

Top Best Photography Diploma Courses In India

Diploma programs can be done after 12th, Degree or Master Degree.

Professional Diploma In Art of Photography (1 Year), Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala

Top Best Wildlife Photography Course In India

Professional Diploma In Art of Wildlife Photography (1 Year), Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala

Top Best Fashion Photography Courses In India

Professional Diploma In Art of Fashion Photography (1 Year), Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala

Top Best Travel Photography Courses In India

Professional Diploma In Art of Travel Photography (1 Year), Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala

Top Best Photojournalism Course In India

Professional Diploma In Art of Photojournalism (1 Year Course), at Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala

If one wants to pursue their photography career internationally, then they can just go through Top best Photography Colleges in the World (2020) or if in India Top Best Photography Colleges in India (2020).

As Farrah Gray stated,

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

When one is young and healthy, he/she should have a clear vision towards their future. The above-mentioned courses can open the door of opportunities. But, individuals have to choose their destination and success. For that, one has to invest their time and money. Along with that, he/she should have constant priorities to achieve for what they are running for.


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