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When it comes to the point of listing and numbers, most of us get more anxious and curious about it. Probably it is our anxiety to known whether our favorites are on the list or not? Indeed, to know the list of Best Photography Institutes in India, most of you reading this will be with high curiosity by now. Straightaway, some of you would directly scroll down to see the list. After all, you are here to find out which college has occupied the top position in the list of Best Photography Institute In India.

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Let’s make the task easier. We have listed all the prominent photography colleges in India state wise. Thereupon, one can easily assess the list of best photography colleges in India, more specifically in North India, South India, Central India, Western India, and Eastern India. And furthermore, course-wise and location-wise.

Best Professional Photography Institutes In India

There are many known as well as unknown photography learning centers in India. There are a variety of courses being conducted in various formats at these places.  Although the number of courses is large, the courses that are offered are not relevant everywhere. Some colleges offer a structured course that is career-oriented while some have customized, short term, and unstructured photography courses.

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In the final analysis, our survey team has listed the number of colleges in India, that offer photography courses. Furthermore, Know more about the best photography colleges in India.

Photography Institutes in India 2020

Nowadays, students are well determined for their future from their school days. In fact, most of the students while acquiring their formal education, get a keen interest in the Photography field. Moreover, they are in search of the perfect photography college to join after their basic schooling. Indeed, many of them are planning to pursue a photography course after their 10th or 12th class itself.

There are many Photography colleges and institutes in India. In fact, they are different in names, follow different teaching criteria, and conduct various courses. Indeed they are varied in many other factors. Among all those, the Creative Hut Institute of Photography stands out in all respect. Further, let’s see, how and why Creative Hut is known to be the Best Professional Photography Institutes in India.

Why Creative Hut Institute of Photography is the Best Photography College in India?

The goal of a Photography College is to provide the best Photography Education and Knowledge in the best possible way. Creative Hut Institute of Photography located in Kerala, India is well known in the field with best-proven results.

  • Creative Hut is located in the mid of the natural surroundings with green plants and a flowing river on one side.
  • It has its own campus with around 174000 sq.ft. of land that comprises a College building, Studio, Admin Office, Hostel, Playing Area, etc…
  • The college provides the digital classrooms and a well-equipped large studio.
  • It provides practical sessions, outdoor visits, photo walks, photography tours like wildlife photography tours, travel photography tours etc…
  • Creative Hut offers internship and placement assistance to all its students.
  • It helps students in preparing their photography and videography portfolios.
  • The college provides an online platform for students to showcase their portfolios, photography, and videography works.
  • Creative Hut provides the accommodation or hostel facility to all its students.
  • The food facility is also provided by the College.
  • It also offers various Photography specializations or say the course covers the different genre of Photography such as Photojournalism, fashion photography, wildlife photography, product photography, architecture, and landscape photography.

Top Photography Institutes in India

To Summarize, we finally listed the number of photography colleges location-wise. Namely, in South India, North India, West India, East India, and Central India.

best photography institutes in India as per courses

Best Photography Colleges in South India – 2020

(Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Union Territories Puducherry, Lakshadeep, Andaman & Nicobar Islands)

Best Photography College in North India – 2020

(Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, and Union Territories Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh) 

Best Photography College in West India – 2020

(Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Union Territories of Daman & Diu)

Best Photography College in East India – 2020

(Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Odisha, Sikkim, Tripura, West Bengal, Naga Land)

Top Best Photography College in Center India – 2020

(Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh)

Surprisingly, there are no Colleges on this list.

Finally, here comes the percentage of photography colleges distributed state-wise in India. As a matter of fact, the photography trend is increasing rapidly in all over India. But, interestingly, not in all states, we could find good Photography Colleges or Schools.

Surprisingly, the number of colleges entirely in India is unevenly located. Some regions or states have one or two best photography schools, while some states have nearly 5 to 10 colleges for photography. Even more, some states don’t have at all any photography institutes in the region. Therefore, here the list comprises the number of most promising and dedicated photography institutes or colleges located in different states.

How to apply for the Photography Course?

All things considered, here is the easiest and simplest steps one can follow to join the photography college

Step 1. Make the list of Photography Colleges

Firstly, know which are the prominent and dedicated photography colleges location-wise. Henceforth, for better results and education, give more priority to Professional colleges or institutes that are campus-based. Click here to know more about Best Photography Institutes In India

how to apply for photography course in India

Step 2. Know the Courses offered and course duration

Find out which are courses being offered such as degree courses, diploma courses, or short term certified courses. Secondly, get to know what is the duration of the courses and class timings. And know how can you become a photographer?

Step 3. Know the Course fees structure and facilities

Next is to know the fee structure. Further, get to know what all are included in the course fees. At the same time, know about the facilities provided in the college. Such as studio equipment, infrastructure, hostel or staying facility, and food or canteen facility on the college campus.

Step 4. Go through the Students Work, Portfolio and Results

Get to know the student’s photography works and their portfolios of the college. Such as view students’ portfolios. As has been noted, get in touch with them and acquire their personal feedback or reviews about the college.

Step 5. Contact the Photography College

The next major step is to contact the photography college via direct call, e-mail, chat, and get the best possible information about the courses and college admission.

Step 6. Visit the Photography College

Before making the final step, make a direct visit to the college. Hence, witness to know much more about the college campus, infrastructure, facilities, courses, and last but not the least the study structure.

Step 7. Apply for the Photography Course

Finally, apply for the photography course by submitting the application form directly at the college office or by email, if online service for the same is provided by the particular college.

Step 8. Final Selection

According to the respective college admission procedures, submit the necessary documents and information. Finally, follow their admission procedure and wait for the selection.

Best Photography Institutes In India Review

Hence, we have listed the Best Photography Schools / Colleges / Institutes in India. Firstly based on the entire Nation, secondly State-wise, thirdly Course-wise, and finally summarized Location-wise.

Lists here are based on Creative Huts Statistic Policy. Hence, the Top lists are on the basis of Google Reviews, Survey, Website Visibility, Keyword Presence, City-wise presence, State-wise presence, etc…

All in all, the lists are updated regularly. Furthermore, if there are any colleges to be added in the list of best photography colleges, the organization or college may write to us with all relevant information and documents to


Which are the best fashion photography colleges in India?

Creative Hut Institute of Photography, is the best fashion photography college in India. It is located in Kottayam, Kerala, and follows a unique Gurukul way of learning.
Students get both technical and artistic photography knowledge from the fashion photography course at Creative Hut. College guide students in preparing their individual portfolio that plays a vital role in their future career as a fashion photographer.
best fine art fashion photography abhishek

Which are the best Photography Colleges in South India?

In South India, the very well-known and best photography college with 100% best result is the Creative Hut Institute of Photography. The campus-based regular and residential course in photography, the outdoor photography tours and practical session, offered by the institute, makes Creative Hut in the top-list of best Photography Colleges in South India.


As shown above, you may also find some of the interesting articles in our editorial session. It’s going to help you in knowing, Which are the top best Photography Colleges in India and How to know which college of photography is best in India?


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