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Bestcafe by Deepak verma


Alarm clock rings in the morning. A 20 year old boy with a thin body. He is wearing night shorts and a gray t-shirt. His name is Adarsh is sleeping on the bed. He is very  lazy but he also has a sharp mind. Sweta is his elder sister with 5 ‘8 ft height and her age is 24, healthy body with a sharp mind. She has long hair and her skin tone is fair. She is wearing night pant and a black t-shirt.

Hearing the sound of the alarm.Sweta comes into Adarsh’s room.She turns on the light then she  turns off the alarm. Sweta stands beside Adarsh’s bed. She says good morning to Adarsh. Adarsh opens his eyes slightly And in the return Adarsh also says good morning sister and Adarsh goes to sleep again. Sweta goes toward the kitchen.She puts warm water into the electric kettle.Sweta opens the cabinet. She takes out the Bestcafe from the cabinet. Sweta opens the cap of the coffee jar and takes on the aroma of coffee. She puts coffee and sugar in a cup. Then put warm water in the cup. Sweta comes into the dining area.

She sees that Adarsh has taken a bath but he is still sleeping on the chair. Sweta says that to Adarsh. still sleeping,so he will miss his exam. Adarsh feels very sleepy. Sweta has an idea to shake off his sleep otherwise he will miss his exam.Sweta goes inside  the kitchen. Then put milk in coffee. After this she mixes it, and makes a nice hot coffee.Then she goes  to his brother, again wakes him up and gives it to Adarsh. She makes a cup of coffee for herself also.

Adarsh gets very fresh as soon as he takes coffee. He tells Sweta what kind of coffee is this as soon as he takes this, he feels very fresh then Adarsh goes toward his room. Adarsh finishes his entire revision while drinking the Best Cafe coffee. Adarsh says to Sweta good bye. She says best of luck for Adarsh’s exam. Adarsh says thank you then he exits the room and leaves for college. Now he is in a Midnight Blue t-shirt and Black  jeans.

Adarsh walks into the living room, he feels very relaxed. As soon as he comes inside the Living room. He sees that Sweta has come early from the office.Now she is wearing a check top and black jeans. Adarsh  sits on the sofa and  asks Sweta how she comes early. Adarsh’s face looks very happy. She says that she didn’t have much work in the office, that’s why she has come back early.then she asks to adarsh how was your exam. Adarsh says the exam was very good  because of the Bestcafe. then they are talking.


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