Birds Of India


Birds, the living things that made us humans dreamt of growing with wings and flying in the skies . Birds of India are actually natural wonders of Nation.Wings are interesting part of living things found on the earth . It enables a majority of feathered creatures called birds to fly . Yes , they are a magical part of the evolutionary tree which helps a group of creatures conquer the sky . Their wings evolved from the forelimbs of their body .They may readily get airborne thanks to their feathers and lighter bodies. Human beings has begun to fantasise about flying as a result of it. They are the branches of living things which have occupied land , air and even aquatic environments. They are colorful with vibrant feathers .

Natural Wonders of Nature

Every continent on earth is home to thousands of different species of birds.These include some birds that are also present in India. They are indigenous to India and feature a wide range of body designs and colours . Although they have varying body colours and patterns, they all share a common ancestor . Several of them have evolved migratory behaviour in response to the seasonal changes in the environments where they live . In India, where the regal peacock is the national bird, peacocks represent beauty . Some have been raised by people so they can be used and eaten, while others still live in the wild. But, because of human activities like hunting, the introduction of other predatory birds, etc., some birds have even completely vanished from the globe . These winged creatures hover across the sky for the time being.

oriental-darter-wildlife-photography-ajayakumar s a

Asian Darter : Commonly known as Snake bird

spotted-dove-wildlife-photography-ajayakumar s a

Spotted Dove : A bird native to Indian and southeast Asia

white-throated-kingfisher-wildlife-photography-ajayakumar s a

White Throated Kingfisher : It is also called white Breasted Kingfisher

black-drango-wildlife-photography-ajayakumar s a

Black Drango : It lives mostly near fields, wetlands, and forests.

great-cormorant-wildlife-photography-ajayakumar s a

Great Cormorant : The Great Black Cormorant is another name for it.

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