Wisdom Is A Thirst by Bishal Ghosh


The portfolio “Wisdom Is A Thirst” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Abstract, Architecture, Art & Culture, Macro, Landscape, Street & Portrait, Birds, Wildlife, Product, and Fashion. This portfolio is all about the instances happening in the world, which is filled in by various endeavors. As natural elegance has been spread all over the world. Moreover, hopes and desires have always existed in the human’s minds. Which at some point, convert them to an artist. And to showcase their works without any words. So, one will land up as a painter or a photographer. Besides, every invisible event creates beautiful stories in mind.

In this book, one will witness a virtuous flight. As amazing chirrup makes a wonderful rhythm in the heart of the earth. Furthermore, one will go through the flow of hope i.e, landscape photography. As hope of courage is circling all over the human’s life. And its fragments are divided into partitions. Henceforth, exposing the circumference of truth. Later, the viewers will go through one of the largest south Indian temples i.e, Brihadeshwara Temple. Specifically famous for its fully realized Dravidian architecture. And last but not least is product photography. Coupled with the flavors of life. As flavors carry a monumental segment on food. Thus, created by spice on entire components for charm

Bishal Ghosh, Ukhra, West Bengal

bishal ghosh ukhra west bengal

Bishal Ghosh is from Ukhra, West Bengal. For him, photography is a wonderful art of science that explains the essence in a single vision. Besides, he says, “Life is a very uncertain journey. And I want to stride with. So as to feel inexplicable knowledge”. Along with that he has accomplished his portfolio “Wisdom Is A Thirst”. Moreover, he has completed his Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography from the Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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