The chapter labelled “BLAZE” in the field of jewellery photography fires the marriage of artistry and elegance, generating a visual experience that inspires attract and affection. This section of my portfolio goes into a complicated area of capturing the light and passion that jewellery exudes. ”BLAZE” is a study into the interaction of workmanship and design, in which each image becomes to the brilliance that lives inside each priceless object.

LANDFORM: Each stone dazzles, capturing attention with captivating and sparkling brilliance.

Every shot captures the spirit of the jewelry’s splendour via great attention to detail, composition, and lighting. Capturing the spark within jewellery needs a sharp eye for detail. The light and shadow dance is expertly arranged to bring out the facets, diamonds, and intricate craftsmanship. Each shot captures the essence of the jewelry’s personality as well as the artistry of its manufacture. Jewellery becomes an outlet for artistic expression in this chapter, rather than just an accessory.

SCENERY: Earrings adorned with vivid gemstones emit an enchanting display of colors.

Every piece tells a narrative of legacy, workmanship, and beauty, from the shine of diamonds to the rich colours of stones. These photographs capture the fleeting moments when jewellery becomes art to be worn. You are welcome to experience the perfect integration of creative vision with the brightness of jewellery as you go through the “BLAZE” chapter. I’ve tried to capture the inner spark of each item using a discriminating eye and a firm drive to perfection.

REDAR: Necklace adorned with radiant gems captivates with its luminous allure.

This collection celebrates the blaze that emanates from jewellry a blaze that embodies decades of craftsmanship, history, and beauty. Finally, the “BLAZE” chapter displays the dazzling world of jewellery. It asks you to admire each piece’s essence, where bright beauty meets creative elegance. This collection pays homage to the blaze that jewellery throws, a blaze that is both enigmatic and beautiful, and a blaze that I am deeply honoured to capture and share with you

TERRANE: Gemstones allure, weaving an enchanting tale of iridescent fascination.


All the designs and text in this post are copyright of Harshith T Kori, Davanagere, Karnataka Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part is forbidden without the approval of the rightful of owners.

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