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Blend of Peace


The blend of Peace shows houses in Green Farmland to a Church in Verdant Surroundings shown in the environmental architecture of Kerala.

A blend of peace I used nature and landscape photography when visiting Alleppey to depict the spirit of environmental architecture in Kerala. These images show a balance of nature and architecture with the peaceful environments of the Church in Verdant Surroundings. House Surrounded by Nature Home beneath a limitless sky, and ‘House in Green Farmland with Trees. 

“The ‘House in Green Farmland with Trees,’ a prime example of sustainable design of Kerala’s agricultural land with eco-friendly living. This picture, which masterfully combines environmentally conscious design with natural beauty, is a magnificent example of the environmental architecture of  Kerala.

House covered with trees in Between of Farm Land

Peace  House in Green Farmland with Trees.

Surrounded by the love of nature, House Surrounded by Nature is the ultimate example of environmental architecture photos. This stunning landscape of Kerala skillfully combines eco-friendly architecture, producing a peaceful home that blends in with the surrounding landscape. An example of ecological living combined with beautiful architectural houses covered with nature.

House covered with Trees

Harmony House surrounded by nature.

Set in wide fields, Home under a Limitless Sky is a beautiful tribute to the environmental photo of Alalppuzha, hidden under a huge sky. This Kerala landscape image captures the peaceful beauty of environmentally conscious architecture. Balancing the residence with the infinite space and presenting a calm haven inside the arms of the natural world.

House in between of sky and Farm land

 Calm  Home under a limitless sky, surrounded by wide fields.

Discover the blend of peace by visiting “Church in Verdant Surroundings.” This celestial landmark exhibits environmentally conscious buildings while blending in perfectly with their verdant surroundings. A beautiful picture that inspires reverence and calm in its natural surroundings.

Church in Farmland

Divine  Church in Verdant Surroundings.

To sum up Blend of Peace, these landscape photos of Alappuzha beautifully show the combination of the natural beauty of Kerala and environmental architecture. From residences hidden away in rural areas to homes under vast landscapes to revered churches surrounded by lush vegetation. These pictures perfectly capture sustainable living and ecological balance in the farmland of Kerala.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Tejas Deo and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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