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“Technology changes with time, and automobiles became part of the day-to-day daily part of human life. Comfort and Convenience Brought a new mode of transportation with luxury and elegance.” Voiture means automobile. When the time changed, the upgradation of modes...


Streamlined explores how automobiles enhance everyday life through convenience, time-saving, comfort, and advanced technologies, aligning with “vivre.” Finding ways for ways to enhance and improve ordinary life has become even more important in today’s lively, limited in time environment. The...


Explore a universe where engineering feats are transformed into works of art and where beauty and power combine to create the pinnacle of the automobile industry. In the “Fame” part of “Elegant Cravings,” they go on an exciting cinematic...


In recent years, the transportation industry has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Ola Electric Scooter, the brainchild of the renowned ride-hailing platform Ola, has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of electric mobility. This chapter...


It is a thrilling voyage that comes after accomplishment. It is a step forward in the pursuit of greatness, progress, and self-discovery. It dives into the undiscovered places and the new heights that are to be achieved. Odyssey expresses the...

Photography Portfolio

The Photopedia by Kasina Bhanu Prakash

"The Photopedia" portfolio is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Wildlife photography, Birds, Village Experience,...


The Brand Book

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