Blossom Of Nature


The times i spend in nature are some of the movements i feel most alive.Kerala is well-known for its vibrant, lush valleys and dancing beaches. Kerala’s rich culture and heritage also attract nature lovers from all over the world. Eastern Kerala is composed of land encroached upon by the mountain range, leading to high highlands, hillsides, and river valleys. Kerala’s topography is divided into three sections: Malnad, Edanaad, and coastal.

Reflector: Work-in-progress from dawn to dark

Landscape photography is probably one of the most challenging genres of photography. Landscape photography is a type of photography where the subject is a natural scene or environment. The photographer captures images of landscapes, mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. The subject matter requires patience, attention to detail, and a keen eye for composition. You should always strive to capture the beauty of natural landscapes. In this chapter, I have shared my thoughts on some of the techniques I’ve learned over the years.

Yellowish : Sunset is your gold star for living another day

The photos I took in Ramakkalmedu and Alappuzha Beach have a beautiful bluish sky, orange and reddish-coloured setting which I’ve never seen before. The sunsets on the beaches are spectacular.

Small World: Nature always wears the colour of the spirit

Pleasant : Between red and yellow in colour

Landscapes are among the most popular subjects for photographers. They offer endless possibilities for creative expression. There are so many ways to photograph them. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with ideas when you start thinking about your next landscape photo shoot. In terms of travel, I’ve gained knowledge of my surroundings. I captured the beauty of nature in lensball photography, mirror photography, and tinyworld.


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