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Blue Skies. Green Water. Red Earth.


As part of Travel and Culture photography, here is one very exciting photo experience of our author he had while traveling in Kerala. witnessing the blue skies – green waters – red earth

Die With Memories And Not Dreams!

Our earth is being patted with the landscape, water-scapes, and many others among them. These just don’t make an impression in our hearts but stay on forever like the painting on a canvas. Try to sense the feeling of the poetry written by the nature with full vigor. The world through which we stride forward can also change the perspectives of our thinking at least for a moment or for an entire lifetime. The eye-catching views which we witness in the part of life have the ability to carry you into another world of imagination.

Only at these moments, we realize that we haven’t still explored not even a fraction of the whole world. Each location can give you a different experience. Make your dreams into reality and your reality into everlasting memories. Travel into this small world and discover the hidden beauty. Beauty is not in something that we see rather it is in something that we feel and fills our heart with. Start loving nature because there will be beauty in everything we love.

Everything else is only a pigment of imagination!

One fine day the destination was set. Starting from Kottayam. At the beginning of the journey, I had only one destination in mind and that was my own hometown Thrissur. As far as I am concerned the whole journey was full of adventure, exploration, happiness, and not the least satisfaction. I started my bullet with somewhat big luggage at the backside. It was early morning when I started the journey.

I couldn’t hear any chirp of a bird because the thump of my machine was filling up the whole atmosphere. To be noted that was not at all a concern because I have always enjoyed the thump much more than any of the sounds I heard since my childhood.                                            Through the darkness, before the sunrise, I and my machine headed forward with only the path and the destination in front. To be frank the whole journey was not at all tiring because the roads were sound and comfortable.

I fixed the speed of my bullet to around 80km/hr. and flowed just like the waves that can be seen in a stream. It was smooth and pleasing. Though the speed at which I was riding was a little bit higher than the normal I didn’t care much about it because all that I cared about was the journey and the destination ahead. If you are traveling, travel like there is the only sky above and earth below. Everything else is only a pigment of the imagination.

Massif: Love without limits

Was filled with dreams

Hours went by like minutes and minutes went by like seconds. At about mid-time of the day, I reached Trissur. This is my hometown. I didn’t do much that day. Late in the evening I had a splendid dinner and took the bed without any delay. That particular night my sleep was filled with dreams that were scripted from the journey made earlier that day.

The next morning, I got up early than my usual waking time and headed all my way to Mannalamkunnu beach. It was a great beach with pine trees along, the seashore and the calm sea itself created the perfect frame for my DSLR camera and also my eyes. I noticed this was a perfect place for an evening time pass and I could see a lot of people coming in here.

I spent some more time there enjoying the cold and salty breeze. Sitting under the shades of the pine trees all throughout the warm evening gave me a pleasant feeling like nothing before. I started walking away from the shore and the sound of the waves still rhymed in my ears. The very next day I decided to go south.

I again kickstarted and on the way of my journey, I happened to see a signboard that showed Munnar was just about 70kms from my current spot. So right at that moment, I felt like the world is too much close enough. Almost about one hour of the journey was through estates that were full of tea plantations. On seeing them alone I felt like I had a cup of tea.

Adam’s Ale: Seas the day

Open your eyes and see the world!

Like a deer grazing in the grassland, I made my way through the musty tea plantation of Munnar. The sound of the thump and the wind blowing against the face made a whole new feeling. It was like sitting inside a room with only a single fan and looking out through the window and enjoying God’s marvelous creation of nature and the components inside it. The only difference I could spot out is that this time the window had a larger area of view unlike that of a room. Open your eyes and see the world, then you will see that it is full of mystery, Mysteries still unsolved. Now it is our turn to go out into this world and find some answers to these questions.

I decided to spend the night at Munnar and the next morning I planned to move to Idukki. I started my journey and before leaving I sort of decided to visit the Mattupetty dam. Within no time I reached there. The view from the top of the dam was so intensifying and it was a treat for the eyes. I took some random landscape pictures and made my way back. I could see a lot of people on the top of the dam enjoying the scenic beauty. That situation made me understand that people always go behind what makes their life happy. It may only last for a few days but still that few days can give you a lot more of the memories.

Tea Estate: Find your wild
Nautical: Wander where wild is alive
Peak: Trippin’ on the skies

More enthusiastic and contentment!

Ponmudi is a hill station in the district of Trivandrum. I had to ride through almost 18 hairpin bends to reach the top. The climate became much cooler than normal. The temperature at the top was very low. I parked the machine and went in search of what was served for me in this very place and like always it was a treat.

All those who took the time to read this please forgive me for doing this again and again. I have to say this because of the place after the place I am getting more and more enthusiastic and contentment. Each location is far better than the previous one in terms of scenic beauty and also the climatic condition. This is the place where I spent the maximum time, taking still frames, and also quoting my travel diary. Yes, without even a little bit of doubt I could say that Ponmudi is a real heaven.

Range: Admire the beauty around you
Brook: Calm in the wild


Days have passed like seconds on a second’s watch. All I could remember is the journey that carried me into a different world. I did not want to return from that world. If I had a wish I would wish to live for the rest of my life in such a world. I seriously don’t think there are only seven wonders in the world instead, for me everything in and around us is the real wonders. Sometimes I used to think about the mistakes made by man in his activities but God hasn’t done any mistakes in creating this world.

If we find happiness in doing something, then try to make others happy by doing the same thing. It means that we should also bother about other’s concerns while we deal with our own. It’s not about what we think of ourselves. For some, adventure is the one bringing happiness, for some it might be writing, for some painting or listening or playing and the list goes on. For me, without any doubt, I can say its travelling.

Manu Joseph, Thrissur, Kerala, India

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Manu Joseph. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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