The bending of light (as well as sound, water, and other waves) whenever it flows through one transparent substance into another is known as refraction. We can build lenses, magnifying glasses, prisms, and rainbows because of this bending through refraction. Even our eyes are reliant on light bending.

Kussetsu : The magic of water

In terms of photography, this is how it works. Essentially, you place a subject behind a drop of water and then use your macro lens to catch the refracted subject within the drop. You may easily fire these inside, or you can shoot them outside if the weather are suitable and you don’t mind lying in the wet grass.

Athraonta : Inverted perspectives

We did some refraction experiments. We shot a photo with a printed paper with numerous patterns on the bottom after pouring the water droplets on top of a large glass. Then we poured half of the water into the glass, placed the photo on the back, and took the picture.

Wrong colors : Water that causes the stripes to diverge

Try out some of these innovative ideas if you want to get into refraction photography. Glass marbles are a popular way to use refraction photography to capture landscapes.

Lines : View of changing lines

Most people think of marbles or glass spheres when they think about refraction photography; it helps that marbles are small and light to keep in your camera bag! The marble works as an external fish-eye lens, allowing.

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