Architectures of Brihadeshwara Temple


As part of Travel Photography, our author has a collection of beautiful photographs of Brihadeshwara temple architectures which are located in Tamilnadu.

“Istoria” is a Greek word that means history and “Templum” is a Latin word means temple. By the same token, architecture is made up of different concepts that help skilled individuals build and create works of art suitable for living and working. Furthermore, it has evolved over the years based on the earlier creation that is seen as historical elements in today’s society.

Henceforth, time periods play a role in how structure are designed and created from remodeling to historical designs.

Flawless Artistry of Humanism

Framework: Holy entrance to path of peace
Divine Path: Nothing insignificant in the world
Edifice: Incredible structure touch the ambient surroundings
Seraphic: Architecture is an art of graph
Shivalingam: Faith is extended to heart shaped structures
Tabernacle: Feel the voice of his entire love
Pagoda: Holy way of conviction
Beatific: Wonder of arts

Forthwith, these concepts have evolved in recent years and continue to play a significant role. Moreover, it has played from tombstones to national monuments that remind of lives lost as part of a country’s historical significance like that of architecture of brihadeshwara temple.

Bishal Ghosh, Ukhra, West Bengal

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Bishal Ghosh. Therefore, their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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