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Bubbles Perspective


The presence of creativity is everywhere. As part of Fine art photography, this is one finely crafted photo story using bubbles with the concept of macro photography.

A small journey to do something innovative using bubbles

In one beautiful morning, I was quite confused to do as something creative in macro. Time was running very fast and I was not getting any idea. Furthermore, I take a look at a drop of water on the leaf and I saw a very beautiful wide view of our institute inside the drop. Then I got the idea to see this beautiful world through the water bubbles using macro photography.

I faced many difficulties but I did not give up, because I had a commitment that at any cost I would do it. And lastly, I wanted what I thought of. This is my great experience ever. A very good thing I learned from this journey, is that if we want to achieve anything in our life then we have to work with patience. Thereupon, I want to share my beautiful journey of seeing the world as from a bubbles perspective.

Serenity: The Sun was rising slowly it was a foggy morning with cool and calm environment
Dandeli: Travelling to the snake-curve road of “Gods own country” Kerala
Happy Trails: Quite excited to complete my journey, there were lots of Rubber trees around me
Rock On: There was a very beautiful scene in front of me. The crop was green in the fields and the blue sky was such a view that my enthusiasm also increased
Sanity: As I reached new places, it seemed as I should store all the beauties in my story
Paradise: During this journey I also saw the beautiful churches and temples. All the Churches and the Temples were beautiful and I found great peace by going there
Chamber of Secrets: I always used go to temple and Church but this time it was really different and wonderful to see the beauty of church and temple through my new way of seeing the world
Tripping: The evening was getting gloomy
Peace: And after seeing the sun disappeared with red and blue sky , that scene was looking very beautiful. I captured the picture in my bubble and thus ended my small journey

Nihal Kashyap, Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

You can watch the amazing behind the scenes video of this photo story below.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Nihal Kashyap. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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