Cafe, a place where we can found most of the youngsters hanging out. As part of the Travel photography this is the photo series specially made on the cafe stories of Europe very abstractedly by our author Sonali Dalal.


Europe is a place for coffee lovers. Coupled with some amazing cafes, full of character have always fascinated me as subjects. Moreover, being an abstract lover my eyes always search for an abstract element in the scene in front of me. So in this photo series, I have combined my love for both.

Café Impressions
Café Rouge
Cafe Moods
Viewing The World
Girl In A Cafe
Two Worlds
Quiet Corner

About Author

Sonali Dalal is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In 2010 Sonali Dalal started her journey as a photo artist. By the same token, she has developed an original distinctive approach to abstract photography, which remains her preferred way of working. Her photos have been published in Indian as well as in international magazines, and have featured on magazine covers. And some photographs have been used to illustrate book covers of eminent poets of India. Furthermore, her work is held in many private collections nationally and internationally.

She has done many Solo Exhibitions like:

2012: Chiaroscuro. 2014: Point of View. Forthwith, this exhibition showcased Dalal’s work with European artists, with a focus on the artist’s studio. This exhibition was sponsored by “Lalitkala Academy”. 2016: Cloth. Dalal collaborated with British artist Lisa Milroy, exhibiting her photos documenting Milroy’s work during her sojourn at The Retreat.

Group Exhibitions:

2016: 100 Clicks, Hutheesing Visual Art Center, Ahmedabad. Moreover, Dalal’s work was included in a prestigious group exhibition as a talent to watch out for. 2017: Indeed she had her first international group show Petits Formats at Art Galerie Monod Paris. XV


2012: Awarded the Gold Medal (Honourable Mention) at the 73rd Photographic Salon of Japan for her picture “Curious”. 2015: Therefore, Awarded the Gold Medal (Honourable Mention) at the 76th Photographic Salon of Japan for her picture “Smile of Optimism”.

Sonali Dalal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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All the photos and text in this post are copyright of the Sonali Dalal. Thereupon, their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.