Campfire | Joy of Togetherness


Classes, theory, practicals, outdoors, studios, editing…. are all part of learning in Creative Hut students’ life. Working on their photography and videography is a daily routine. In fact, it is all one side of the coin. The other side is the part of the enjoyment and togetherness that students have during each celebration. One such kind of celebration is the Campfire.

Every year, students and faculties of Creative Hut have a campfire session on the campus. Having such fun amidst the course has always proved to be relaxing for all of us.

Campfire is the joy of togetherness. From arranging the campfire to the making of food and other arrangements is all carried out by students. It shows good coordination among them. Students enjoy the making of some delicious self-cooked food for the night.

It is a musical night with dances and lots of music. Dancing on the rhythm of music and songs is one of the favorite things that students have here. Students not only enjoy the campfire but also make the event memorable forever.


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