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Better place give better idea. Place with an inspiring environment create in yourself a peaceful and fresh mind. For only a peaceful location can encourage and boost one to discover and enhance the skills within.

Students here experience a campus life where they learn design elements and every aspects of visual communication, understanding the significance of nature. Our residential programs have in fact brought the students a feeling of institute as their family.

Knowledge increases with sharing

The class rooms, campus and surrounding of Creative Hut Gurukulam is designed in such a way that one would definitely refer it to as a “Vedic School”.

An institute where students share, learn and explore their creativity with the Guru (Mentor) and other fellow learners. The campus life in creative hut institute, an eco-friendly campus for each student is thus a fun.

Good Observation leads to best Learning

Observing the nature keenly around helps students in knowing and learning everything about the art of designing.

Outdoor class and practice sessions in the institute campus area give students to explore through nature. Campus area keeps one inspired and energetic all the time. The institute initiates its students to maximum learn through the beauty of nature.

Patient Hard work while Studio Practicing

Practice makes us perfect and any art betters with each time of its practice. One enjoys the shooting experiences at an indoor studio area as well as in the outdoor space of the institute campus.

Whether one wants to shoot individually or in team, they learn and understand the studio settings and studio equipment through hands on practice at institute.

Research and Self Assessment needs Reading

Campus also includes a Place where in one refer books, magazines, newspapers and find time to review ones understandings. While they utilize this institute library area, they calmly go through the information they have acquired and further research on it.

Reading, writing, drawing, sketching and framing is also a part of the creative hut’s students campus life.

Globally Connecting and Promoting

We are in a world where social networks and social marketing plays a vital role in the promotion of one’s business.

Redeveloping ones work through computer systems and software, surfing and making use of internet facility are the added benefits for the students here in the institute. Students utilize these facilities indoors as well as in the outdoor areas in the campus.


We offer One year Professional Diploma In Photography and Cinematography. And also provide specialized courses in Wildlife Photography, Travel Photography, Food and Product Photography, Photojournalism, Fashion Photography, Photo Editing and Video Editing. Admission Open !

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