An Adventure Race


Self-Confident is the Best Motivator. Car race is adventurous. Since, every racer takes more risk. Because of that, we call them “Representation of Confidence.” Car race photography becomes even tougher.

No Matter: The racer doesn’t mind risking his life even to complete his mission.

This car race was conducted at Kakkoor in Muvattupuzha. Following the regular rules and precautions was also observed in this event too. All necessary precautions were taken by organizers to avoid disturbance to the local people. The police were also informed of the competition to avoid any legal complications. A medical team was ready at the venue to handle any situations. The competition was a risky affair. Moreover, the car race sports photography was a challenge too.

Yet the racers were applauded by the local people and other on-lookers. The racing is considered to be a festival in that locality. Indeed, immense cash prizes are awarded to the winners. Most of the participants were the local people from Kerala. Every racer were challenging and exploring, and the audience were enjoying immensely this mud race.

Car Race Photography Tips

Car race photography, is one of the challenging photography type in Sports photography. Especially, when the car race is held on the muddy location. Whereas, the car race on road tracks provide the photographers to achieve focused and dust free images. On the contrary, the mud effect is quiet visible in the car race photography when its held locally.

Apart form camera settings and exposure settings, the sports photographer here has to be make quick decisions and capture without any miss.

  • Since the atmosphere gets very dusty, one has to take utmost care of one’s camera and accessories.
  • The best action shots need to captured quickly and at the same time with ultimate focus.
  • The Use different camera angles for better results.
  • Use Tele zoom lens for most of the time photographer will be along the audience and far from the subject.
  • Use wide angle zoom lens for capturing the location, subject and audience together

An adventure Car Race

The Final of the car race if really a game of curiosity. The tracking, applause, and lots of fun, ends with the praise towards the winner. Finally, the curious eyes of the on-lookers takes a sigh of relief with the end of the breath taking moments. No matter, who wins the race, the competition is enjoyed by one and all over there.

Pleasure in Leaving a Trial of Dust: The racer is in a hurry to reach the finishing point.

Photographs & Text by Sachu KN. Further, view the Photography portfolio by Sachu KN

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Sachu KN. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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