Carved City


Carved City, an article highlights the beauty of ancient monuments..Ancient monuments scattered all over Delhi have many stories to tell. The majority of the structures are made of marble and granite. Here, the decorative pillars are the major draw. The forts, palaces ,tomb etc… contribute tremendously to the sars revenue.

The everlasting majesty

The everlasting majesty : Interior of the tomb where the great emperor Humayun rest in peace

The ancient pride

The highly skilled roofing : It is a unique architectural skill that surprises the modern architects

The fading glory

The fading glory : The unmatched designing of the ancient period of the subject of study for many architects

The royal chambers

The royal chambers : The techniques adopted by the ancient architects remain as a history

Fading master piace

Fading master piace : The government is planning to renovate the damage portions of the structures at a great cost

The ancient pride

The ancient pride :The building is so strong that it can stand up to any bad weather

The tower of fame

The tower of fame : Qutub minar the pride of Delhi is a monument build by the mughals

The cluster of embroidered pillars

The cluster of embroidered pillars : The close-up view of pillars of carved granite’s

Frame in Frame

Frame in Frame : The tall and strong pillars hold up the huge building.

The wonders of marble work

The wonders of marble work : The marble spokes add beauty to the dome

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