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Christian Wedding In Kerala


Marriage or Wedlock is the most beautiful and magical relationship blessed by God. It is the ultimate commitment of unconditional love to another human being. Not only between two souls but also between two families. It is done by taking a sacred vow. To love one another through the best of times as well as the worst of times. It is about finding yourself in someone else. Marriage is not about sleeping together or having kids or having a family. It is about growing old with someone and at the same time watering each other to grow. It is about to care for each other without expecting in return. Hence, the simple rule of marriage is to love and to be loved without any reason.

So basically, marriage is neither responsibility nor an obligation or relation of body. It is a connection between two souls that get stronger every day with every step one takes towards each other. It is a kind of relationship, where one loves a person with whom they are not related by blood but by heart.

As the saying goes, “ We come to love not by finding a perfect person. But by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

So, lets see how two souls got one by fulfilling their traditional customs:

The whole wedding saga of Christian Wedding In Kerala could be a minimum of 3 to 6 days long, depending on how many auspicious moments ( i.e, shubh mahurats) the elders decide to pack in.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Usually, it is one day before the wedding ceremony. Where all the family members gather up in both bride and groom’s homes, respectively. And, in their respective places, they throw a small party. To give them blessings as they are entering into the new phase of their life. That night be filled with joy. As all the cousins and close friends tease by making them play weird games. It’s just like the bachelor party. Where both of them celebrate their last day of the bachelorette. And above all that, all rituals start by devoting time to our God.

The Wedding Day

The most awaited day for the bride and groom. Most auspicious as well as the most breathtaking moments of one’s life. It is the turning point for the couples who are ready to get into a new phase of life. In fact, to get into a whole new role and change one’s vision to embrace the world. So, let’s wear their shoes and feel their moments:

Early Morning

Its not only the bride and the groom, in fact the whole family, relatives and friends get extremely ready for the Christian Wedding In Kerala. It’s time to groom up the prince charming for his princess.

Before Ceremony

One step closer to get wedlock. The prince and the princess in their wedding dress, at last, met in the God’s court. Pretty nervous and excited to step into the future.

The Ceremony of Christian Wedding In Kerala

Usually, there are different sects in Christians community itself, like, Roman Catholicism, Orthodox, etc. So, the given list of the wedlock rituals can have ups and downs according to the particular sects.

  • Beginning the service: The priest welcomes the worshipers and then reads out what they believe in marriage.
  • Declarations: The couple makes certain promises to one another.
  • Vows: Time to take vows ” To have and to hold from this forward; For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer; In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; Till death do us part.”
  • Rings Exchange: Declaring the whole World that they belong to each other.
  • Proclamation: Got wedlock as Husband and Wife.
  • Prayers: Special prayers for the couples
  • Reading the sermon: Readings from the bible and the minister gives the sermon.
  • Signing the register: The bride and groom, along with two witnesses sign the register. Then, they receive their legally accepted marriage certificate.

Divinity Between Them

The most mind blowing and romantic session in any wedding ceremony. That is the couple shoots. Through this photographs, one can feel the couples love and commitment towards each other. The time freezing memory for the lifetime.

Like in any wedding, the Christian Wedding In Kerala too ends with the togetherness of two souls and two families. The beginning of a new journey.

At last they become one with all due respect. As the saying goes,

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


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